Saturday 25 March 2017

Wissper Doll and Peggy Starter Set review

I don't know of you have heard of Wissper before but basically she is a very cool 7 year old who can talk to animals. Ami was thrilled to be sent the new Wissper Doll and Peggy doll to play with at home and play along like the TV show. Wissper has a magic power that she she goes "Shh" she can transport her self to weather a animal needs her. 

The Wissper doll set comes with some accessories too. Such as a handy bag which some of the accessories can fit. Also included is Peggy the bird. The other accessories include a hand pipe, brush, mirror, a butterfly and binoculars. Wissper is 8.5 inches high and can move to limbs. 

The best bit about the bag is that it can unclasp rather than force it over her head. The panpipes is the same so it can easily go around her neck. Not all the accessories fit in the bag so we tended to put the bigger items in Wissper's hand.

The toys look exactly like the do on the TV show which is always a bonus for small children. They can play along and learn through play using there imaginations. Wissper has been on plenty of adventures since arriving with us already Ami has introduced her too all her dolls. I love watching the children make up little games with there toys and get lost in a world of make believe. 

This set retails at £19.99 and is very good value for money for what you get in the pack. The extra accessories aid to the enjoyment of the Wissper doll.  The only thing Ami was not pleased about was the brush because it didn't actually go in her hair like a real brush I had to tell her to use her imagination to pretend it did. 

The full Wissper range will be available from Toys R Us from the beginning of April.

Wednesday 22 March 2017

BRIO World School Playset and Village Modules Review

We are massive BRIO fans in my house. My eldest son was given a train track when he was just a baby. It was second hand when we got it and it’s still going strong today. The train track is nearly thirty years old and just as good as the day it was made (minus lots of pen marks).
We were asked to review some of the BRIO World range and I just knew it would be something that the kids would enjoy. I hadn't heard of the Brio family range so equally I was just as interested to see what it was all about. I thought Brio was just about trains but it turns out its not and there is a massive range called BRIO world.


We were sent the School play set and the extension assessor pack. I thought beforehand that they may be made out of wood so when I opened the box I was a tad intrigued to see plastic. To be honest I didn't really think of much and didn’t really understand what it was all about. Then I read the instructions and the kids started playing with the toys I knew hang on this is a real game changer for toys.

What you might not see so much from the photos is that all the walls and the flooring can be taken apart and you can build it just how you want. There’s many different opens to how you build your sets. We made a massive school out of the two sets together. Which my Ami loved she loves anything school at the moment.

 The school set comes with 22 pieces with a mixture of wood and plastic all in bright colours and is actually really easy to slot together. Turns out you didn’t really need the instructions in the end.  The set included two figures too which aided the school game (also didn’t cause too many arguments as the little ones had a figure each to play with. One of the best things about the Brio set is that is doesn’t come with any batteries no annoying sounds and children are encouraged to use their imagination.

We were also sent the BRIO Village Module. This is an expansion set that can be used as a standalone piece or use to create other buildings. You can also use the set to expand any existing Brio village sets you may have. They are the same colourful colours as the school and they all can slot together.

All in all Ami and Son Son loved these two sets and equally I was not disappointed. I can see them having a lot of fun playing over and over again with the village sets.  No play time will be the same as each time will be a new masterpiece.

The BRIO school play set retails at £29.99 and the Village Module is £19.99. They are both available from all good toy shops and online shops also. They are recommended for children aged 3 and about. We have loved them defiantly a firm favourite in our house.

Thursday 16 March 2017

Making Mothers day Cards with Gel-A-Peel

Did you know its mothers day on Sunday? It comes round so quick every year and what doesn't a mum love the most... Home made cards! I personally would rather a homemade card anyway over a shop brought one. I love the effort my little ones put into making them just as much as the card it self.  My eldest Son wasn't too impressed he said "why isn't there a kids day?" I did tell him everyday is a kids day!!

We were recently sent a set from Gel-A-Peel with the incentive of getting the children to make some cards using the set. We had seen the set advertised on the telly and did not even think to use it to make cards with. We were sent the Pearly Pastels range which consisted with 3 tubes of the Gel and interchangeable nozzles that you can use to make different effects of the Gel.

We had not used the Gel-A-Peel before but before long they were seasoned pros creating colourful designs on there cards. In the pack also contained Gel tray where you can put the Gel into moulds to create beautiful flowers and other designs. The Gel sets and creates a beautiful 3D effect which they enjoyed touching when dry.

All my children made a card from ages 3 to 10 all with ease and not requiring some help. My eldest son  Asti even had a go at making some jewelry. This set contains some stencils to help you make bracelets too. Although the end results they needed another go to perfect the opening clasp!!

All in all I was very pleased with the cards, they let me have a quick glimpse before they hid them for Mothers day.

This set retails at £19.99 and is perfect for crafting onto cards. I say the results came out much better than I originally thought. Why mot get  Gel-A-Peel set and have a go yourself.

Tuesday 14 March 2017

PJ Masks Twitter Party

PJ Masks Twitter Party 

I don't know if you took part but last week we were part of the PJ Masks Twitter party? Well we were very privileged to be sent a box full of activities and toys for the children to try. I am not going to lie it was a lot of fun. The Twitter party had lots of comepetitions and little games to play too. My little ones got to play pass the parcel, make a PJ mask and so much more. 

The party was in aid of the new PJ Mask toys that were realsed last month, they include a variety of role play, plastic adventure sets and cuddle plush toys. The range is colourful and exciting and more is going to be added later on through the year its rather exciting.

Ami was sent the wonderful Owlette costume too which she loves. Omelette you may be wondering who I am talking about but Owlette is one of the three superhero's that make the PJ mask team. The Costume is avalible to but and the RRP is £24.99

Make a PJ Mask

Our first task was to make a PJ mask we were given all the equipment to take part and colourful ribbon to attach it together. My children love arts and crafts so this was right up there street. Son Son went with Cat Boy as did Asti. Ami obviously went with Owlette, I made a Geeko mask so they didn't feel too left out. 

 Match the Item with the Character Game

Our next game was match the character with items. We had a bag full of superhero qualities and the children had to guess which quality went with which superhero's. It was a lot of fun and required the children to work together as a team. Especially as Asti was the only one who could read of the sheets. 
The plush teddies involved in the game retail in the shops at £8.99 each. 

Colouring Activity

It was then time for a bit of peace and quiet whilst the children sat and colour some PJ Masks pictures. They all did a fantastic job and it gave me a chance to sit and have five mins to make a cuppa whilst sorting the next few activities. 

Cake Competition

We added this to our party and the children had great joy decorating PJ masks cakes. All in all as you can see below the clear winner was Asti in the middle photo and his fab PJ Mask's cakes. 

Pass the Parcel

Who doesn't love a bit of Pass the Parcel especially on a school night. They had a lot of fun the three of them taking it in turns (sometimes crying when it was someone else turn). There was plenty of layers and the toys inside included the new PJ mask's Figures. 

Free Play with the PJ Masks

Our last activity was to try out the new range of PJ mask Vehicles all contain one character and they all can fit in each others cars too. The toys are bright and true to the TV show too. The figures can be moved to sit down and provide the chance for children to use there imagination whilst playing.  Son Son's Favourite was Cat boy as you can see from the photos he was rather fond of it and did not let his siblings play with it at first. Son Son had been watching it on the TV as he knew all the characters names and even the bad guys we were all surprised. 

We were sent three sets of the cars and characters which retail at £12.99 each. They are great fun for any PJ Mask fan! 

 We had a great party with PJ masks Even my eldest Asti who is 10 got his award for being a good boy during the event. Be sure to check out the full range available in toy shops now.  We were also sent some Blind bags which were in the goody bags and the children loved them. Son Son especially as he got 3 Catboys!!

Be sure to check out for more PJ Masks information, activity ideas and downloads.

Friday 10 March 2017

The Big Red Bucket Stickle Bricks Review

I dont know if you are familiar with stickle bricks? but for me I remember playing with them when I was in primary school and I used to make houses and birthday cakes. SO when my little ones were offered the chance to try them out I just knew they would love them. 

We were sent the Stickle Bricks Red bucket that comes with a variety of different shapes that are all bold bright colours they couldn't wait for me to open the box so they could play. I am not joking since we opened they have played with them almost daily creating lots of different designs. The box is aimed at children aged 18 months and over and my two little ones at 3 and 4 have really loved them. I wonder why now we have never had any before. They have since made many different designs and actually similar to me as a child many birthday cakes.

The Stickle bricks are great for children of all ages especially if they love building things and stacking. For little hands it creates dexterity and imagination through creative play. The bright colours and different textures make it inviting for smaller children to play with. What I love about this set is a box that it can be put away in and kept safe and together. The blocks are so easy to assemble too which means it can literally be played with by anyone.

I think its easy to see from our review how much we have all enjoyed playing with the stick bricks. Im even thinking of adding to our collection because they have loved them so much.

This set The Stickle Bricks Red Bucket retails at £19.99 which I think is a amazing price for what you get. They are available at most toy retailers and perfect for children aged 18 months plus.

Evolution PR are currently running a Stickle Bricks campaign to get them into Nursery Schools in the UK.  To nominate your nursery to receive a special educational Stickle Bricks kit send an email to

Thursday 2 March 2017

Doc McStuffins Doctor Medical Accessory set and Doctors Role Play Set Review

Recently the little ones were sent a lovely package that contained 2 Doc McStuffins sets. Little did I know how much they would actually love them. When I opened the box there was a fight over who would get to be Doc McStuffins first which I thought was rather cute. It was decided that Ami would be the doctor and Son Son too just in normal clothes.  They both love Doc McStuffins so it was a right treat for them both. The sets we received were the Medical Accessory set and the Role play accessories set too.

With Mummy being a nurse they were both well away checking there patient AKA poorly bear. I do feel a little sorry for poorly bear he did get a lot of investigations and medicines. His heart stopped once and even had to have a special plaster to make it better. I did enjoy watch them become little doctors was sweet to see how much they do take in and how much fun they can have when they role play together. They bandaged him up and checked his blood pressure wouldn't get that on the NHS.

This is a cute little set and helps your little doctors to practise there skills and nurture and look after there sick toys just like on Doc McStuffins TV show. The set contains a Blood pressure cuff (personally my fave part), a play bandage, syringe ,   Otoscope and a little stick sheet to give to the animals to make them feel better. They loved the syringe as a way of giving medicine to the poor bears.

Doc Mcstuffins Role Play Set: RRP £24.99

As you can see from the photo below how much Ami loves her doc McStuffins set and to her the best part was the ID badge. She shouted "Yes I have a badge like my mum who is a doctor". I don't think she knows the difference just they with work in a hospital. As you can tell its based on Dottie "Doc" Mcstuffins and her Toy hospital. It comes with a stethoscope a important part for any young doctors. A iconic head band and not to forget the ID badge with interchangeable inserts. Provides a fun was to be more creative and really get into the doctor role. 

Both the sets are perfect for any child who loves role play and the pieces are so iconic and true to the show. Ami loved them because they were so glittery. Its nice that the dress up is just like Doc McStuffins perfect for any fan.