Wednesday 30 September 2015

Me and Mine - September

 It is always my favourite part of the month capturing this photo of five. 
We are always so busy its very rare were all together but its so lovely. 
I really treasure any little thing we do as a five, weather its dinner or the normal day to day stuff 
its good to be together. 

This month Daddy is Loving
- Watching Arsenal Play at the Emirates 
- His wife letting him go to Vienna next month
- Playing Football and fifa 16
- Family Time

Mummy is loving:
- Autumn sunshine.
- Days of with the family.
- The routine of school again.
- Lie ins and extra sleep  

Asti is loving:
- Turning Nine this month and getting shedloads of money for a 9 year old.
- Going back to school and seeing all his friends.
- Fifa 16 
- New books to read

Ami is loving
- Starting Pre school 
- Asking everyone where there Mum is (Always awkward to the older generation) 
- New Peppa Pig Wellies
- Seeing all her cousins at an family party

Son Son is loving
- Speaking a bit more
- Reading books 
- Playing with Trains
- Looking for planes and helicopters. 

We took these photos at the end of our road. We live on the road at the top of the stairs in the photo. After we took the photo and walked home there was the most beautiful sunset in the back ground if only we waited a little bit. Maybe we could aim for that next month as the Autumn sunsets here in the East Kent coast are really stunning. Its such a beautiful in a neglected past time way, there is lots of gardens and fences that edge right up into the cliffs its such mystery. I would love to find out a bit of history as it has always fascinated me. 

So another month down of this fast paced year. 
Time is well and truly speeding past my children are growing up too fast.
Life is so sweet. 

Wicked Wednesday - sabotage

"Mum please can we play with the water"
Lasted a whole five minutes if that. 

Tuesday 29 September 2015

Son Son you are 22 months

Son Son you are 22 months (well I think you are I have lost count what month you are sorry).
You are the boy of many faces and sounds. 
Another month older another month closer to 2!

This month you have finally started to talk. 
You try to repeat most words and we have had more that two words together. 
You copy everything even if he do not understand. 
You often babble to yourself we just have to prose that dummy of you first. 

You love to be outside and love to be active. 
You like to walk a little bit now but still like to try and cross the road without holding hands.
You follow Ami everywhere and try to cuddle her. 
Which is a good thing we have gone from hitting to cuddling. 
You do not do as much hitting and kicking anymore I think now you can talk a little its becoming a bit easier and less frustrating for you. 

You have developed a love of reading and always grab anyone to sit and read with you. 
You are starting to take an interest in trains and like to make tracks. 
You also like to break tracks as soon as they are built. 
You also like to interrupt any game Ami is playing which she gets rather mad about. 

You like to sit and draw even paint if allowed. 
You like to cover yourself with paint and pen. 
Last time you got hold of a felt tip you covered your face so they now have been moved well out of reach. 

 You still love your food and you are starting to eat new foods. 
I am grateful to nursery for new experiences.
You even eat grapes and mellon now which is a massive improvement.
The only meal you are not fussed with is Lunch. 
You never eat much lunch at home not really a lover of sandwiches you would rather a nice hot meal. 

You love Puddles and love water play. 
you loved going swimming this month and even braved a slide.
You are slowly warming to a bath and even sat down in the water for the first time. 

You have loved days out with Ami and mummy. 
We love our little adventures usually to a cafe. 
You are slowly getting more patience to sit still long enough for Mummy to finish a hot drink. 

You are such an affectionate little boy and love to give cuddles. 
You seemed to have chilled out a lot this last month and you seem to have your Fathers temperament. 
The ability to be cool as a cucumber yet very cheeky is just like Daddy. 
Its lovely to see you grow into a little boy. 
Yes its going by too fast but its getting easier at times. 

I love this last photo you look so small and sweet. 
Makes me want to wake you up to give you a massive cuddle.

We love you lots our little Son Son bear. 

Sunday 27 September 2015

Doc McStuffins Vet Bag Competition

You may remember a few weeks back we hosted a Review of an Doc Mcstuffins Vet bag toy review. Well now you lucky readers have your very own chance to win one for your self, your child or even to hide away for christmas.

It really is a great toy for any budding Doc McStuffins fan. Make sure you watch the video at the end of the post for the answer.

Well all you need to do is follow the Rafflecopter below and watch the video at the  end of this post what are you waiting for.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Schleich Ocean Range Toy Review

I have been a lover of real life toys since before I can remember. As a child I always wanted to have a shelf that I could place my little toys on and they would never move except for play all in there perfect place. Sadly this never happened and I stayed in my parents bedroom till I was a bout 10 which is rather weird (more on that another time, but on another level means I can put up with the worst of snoring). I noticed these little Schleich toys in my local toy shop and was fascinated. I loved the little figures and imagined my children playing with them. Ive shown my children when in the store and promptly placed them back on the shelf when realising the price.

I never really understood why they were a little more than the cheaper ones I brought until I received a set to review. Quite frankly I was surprised at the quality, they are heavy too not the cheap plastic ones like I purchased before. I didn't realise that each figure is individually painted not make in some factory. I didn't know that a lot of effort was made to make one little figure. From then I understood why they were little bit more expensive and how much they were worth that little more.

We received a large selection of the Schleich Range which included the Schleich Ocean set, a blue whale, Killer whale, Dolphin, Blue shark and a Saw fish. My personal fave was the Killer whale just due to the massive size. The Ocean set contains 4 different sea species all based on the great barrier reef. The animals in the set contained a turtle, Manta Rays, sea horse and a shark. I used to love sharks as a child especially documentaries so I hoped they would generate some interest from my 9 year old son who is fascinated with the sea.

The toddlers loved playing with them Ami's favourite game is to line them up by size any try and tell me what animal they are which is rather hilarious. Son Son likes to make them swim in the water and make them go Rarr which I'm not sure sharks and whales make that noise.

Definably a great purchase and a toy you will know will stand the test of time. The ocean set costs around £15 and is worth it as it contains 4 sea creatures.  The single figures such as the whales and sharks do vary from prices from £5 upwards which looking back really weren't as pricey as I remember in the shop that day. A great present or stocking filler as we are this side of Christmas. They have gone down a treat with my little ones.

My Sunday photo - scary arcades.

Wednesday 23 September 2015

Wicked Wednesday - just leave the cushions alone!!

I always wanted to be that Mum

Its easy to scan instagram and make you think what a rubbish job you are doing. I know I am not always the best mum, I cut corners try to make life easy. I rush things and do not always make the most of things. There is a type of mum I would like to be but then there is me. I am not complaining I am happy enough but when I was pregnant with my first child I said they would never eat a happy meal now thats all they know (jokes we actually rarely have it as the kids don't like it, crazy kids). Here is a list of who I wanted to be and the real me. I am very real and very boring in reality.

I always wanted to be the mum with the best packed lunch, you know the bento types. Writing little notes for my son to read at school but sadly that has been me, but that was never me my intention was there but never followed through. I spend hours on pinterst looking at ideas but still those same old ham sandwich get in every day. Fruit is always a bonus too (jokes always force fruit on my kids). The truth be told doing the pack lunch minutes before leaving never helps any creative juices flowing.

I always wanted to be the Mum who did sensory play. That made perfect tuff trays and taught the kids different shapes. That planned things but that was never me. I get a random idea to do some messy play it either involves shaving foam or water. I am just not that creative or organised. They have alot of fun and I generally leave them too it. Ive never questioned what colours, shapes I just liked getting messy. Its something that has come lately I wasnt always as relaxed. With my first I hated painting and anything messy but now anything goes. 

I always wanted to be the Mum who was first to pick up her kids. First one in the row at school plays and important events. Be there with my big camera but that was never me I am the mum who wanders in late usually the wrong room. Scouring the crowds for my children with the biggest wave, totally embasaaing my kids. The truth be told I am a busy parent, its always then that one someone need the toilet, a nappy need changing and I am forever rushing. Time just slips through my fingers and I leave with seconds to spare but I am there. I may be standing the at the back brandishing my iPhone because I forgot the big camera. 

I always wanted to be the Mum with the stylish kids clothes. I wanted my kids to be the coolest looking and often matching, but sadly that has never been me. I buy random clothes that don't go together, I  get excited by sales and try my best to make the kids look good on limited budget. I try
to make sure I wash the good clothes so the kids don't wear the nursery clothes on our days together. Truth is even though they are not as good as I would like they still dress better than me most days,

I always wanted to be the Mum that planned educational trips out. That planned fun trips out but sadly I have become a Mum that just enjoys being off as a family of five. All those plans in my head get forgotten as days together are super rare we usually celebrate by doing nothing. Even on holidays we get dressed near lunch time. Everyone is happy nobody complains, these things take a bit more effort but we end up doing something completely random. We used to be a bit more spontaneous but now were doing good if we get to the beach down the road.

I always wanted to be the Mum who enjoyed reading stories to her child. That got lost in the stories and charm of the books, but sadly I rush bedtime. I usually am so exhausted I encourage the shortest stories so I can sit on the sofa and not do much till I go to bed. Very sad and I should make more of an effort with my children. They will only be small once and whilst I do not enjoy reading the same story ever night its very short lived.

All these things can change I am sure. One thing how much am I willing. How much do I want to be that Pintererst mum with the best instagramed photos. I am completely different and the most random parent ever. I get through most the days and am glad to veg out in the evening. My kids know they are loved. They do not care If I read one story or have a ham sandwich 5 days a week. They know I am there.

I am who I am and do you know what I am happy with the mother I have become. My heart is always there, always.

This is our tale our adventure through life. We have such a lot of fun doing the most random things. You know what: 

I am a good mum.

I am trying my best.

I am doing my best.

I do love being a mum (except 2 am wake ups followed by every 15 mins, I never EVER like that).

I love being a Mum.

Even if I am random and all over the place. The front rooms a mess and I forgot to get things in for dinner I sure am trying. 

Tuesday 22 September 2015

V&A Garden Birds Fine China Side Plates Gift Box Review

For the last few years I have been a lover of anything floral and bright. When I saw these plates I fell in love. I have always had an interest in interior design and love home furnishings, these plates just made me feel so happy just looking at them I knew I wanted them in my life.

The plates from V&A (Victoria and Albert) are part of the Garden Bird collection come in a beautiful gift box which you could use to store them if you didn't want to use them, or keep the box for other uses. The design is adapted from some of the artwork at the V&A  museum is part of the Garden Birds collection. They are side plates and measure 7.5 inches, but can be used for anything. These are the special plates that were just made for cakes and other perfect little treats. 

The plates add a sense of fun to any occasion, and perfect for all seasons. The range seems to mix such traditional styles and brings them into a beautiful modern style. I just love that they all are so different the yellow being my personal favourite. I have hidden these gems away from the kids and will use for special occasions. They are to beautiful to get broken by accident. 

These plates are a high quality product and retail at £35.70 but are worth every penny. You can see from the photos they are just beautiful. They would make such a lovely present for a loved one or even a wedding gift. With Christmas on the cards I know my own mother would love something like this. 

A wonderful set of plates to make any dinner table less than boring. You can find out more on The English table website, they also host a wonderful range of items you won't be disappointed defiantly worth a look. 

Monday 21 September 2015

Finding the Joy #2

I wrote a post a few weeks bak about taking more time to look into the good in our lives. Since then I have been majorly busy so it will have to be the little things. The little things that have made me smile or even cry that have filled me with such joy. You see it has taken me some tim to adjust to being a working mum/ mum / blogger. It seems there is always one of these tat is lacking I am still trying to get a good balance.

A Bottle Of Lucazade 

As a nurse you can have good shifts and bad shifts. This one day I was rushed of my feet all day and busy beyond belief. Bed managers were pilling on the pressure and things were not going to plan. I text my husband about dropping in a drink. He calls me to say here is a bottle of lucazade, me in my selfish ways says I don't want it, I don't like it. Next thing half hour later  after getting all the kids from nursery he drops it off anyway. I was so happy, that even though I mugged him off he still came to help. I did not drink my drink I was too busy and forgot about it. 

Parenting For Nine Years.

My eldest turned nine last week which is completely crazy. These last few years have just flown I am still suck with having a 4 year old pre schooler now he is in year 4 and acting like a right old teenager. I still remember the day he was born, the fear I felt. The realisation that this was my life, I would never be alone again. Suddenly the 17 year old girl that I was, was suddenly replaced by a grown up. It was a sobering day. My Asti though has helped so much, he was the reason I wanted to do something with my life. I started university to break the culture and stereotype of being a young mum. He was the motivation behind who I am now. That little baby with colic that didn't stop crying. That as he got older would sleep in till past 9am every day. To the boy he is now, such a handsome cleaver chap. I am beyond blessed to be his mum. I love him to bits. 9 though argh deffo not ready for 10!

Laser Tag Victories

If you haven't played laser tag I really encourage you, we have one in our town and it is such good fun. I really love it, me and 9 other ladies all went for an hours session. It was such a laugh hiding and shooting people running around like a wally. I cut my hand open but it was totally worth it. The hour just flew and we must have burnt tons of calories. We then went for cake after which totally made it worth while. Sometimes its these things, a few hours away from the kids that mean a lot. The two hours I was away was the only break I have had in a long while. Do not get me wrong I love the kids but I love a break too. I love being able to talk with friends without having them subjected to being hit with cushions, which I think is the reason why nobody ever comes round. I was thankful to my husband who had them for the morning even after being stay at home dad the two previous days when I was at work. 

So that is it for now short and sweet for the time being. Another week flown by, I am sick of writing that but its so true. Life is pretty darn good I am more than blessed. 

Wednesday 16 September 2015

Wicked Wednesday - birthday cake Pinterest fail

I have to admit I'm not the worlds greatest baker, so I thought it would be nice for me and Ami to make Asti's birthday cake. I saw the picture on Instagram and thought it looks rather easy. Oh dear I brought the wrong icing and everything just went tits up. He loved it though so I suppose that's some kind of win. Not a bake of win though that would be good.

Tuesday 15 September 2015

Asti you are 9 years old.

Nine, yes nine. My little boy is Nine. 
Seriously where has that time gone? 
I don't feel ready. 
I want to pause time and enjoy you as you are. 
Looking back at pictures of you growing up makes me realise, how much you have grown up. That you are very much a little teenager now, thinking you are older than you are. 

You have had a good year and been on some fab adventures.
You have been on holiday to France, Spring harvest at Butlins, Disneyland Paris, Camping at Big church day out, Camping at the Glo weekend, Lark in the park and Scripture union you have done it all. In a way you are such a privileged child. You learn to have a lot of freedom and are given some fab chances. You love to be outside and although you moan you arnt glued to a screen which makes your parents happy. 

You still love Minecraft and watch lots of videos. 
Sadly we still moan but you hardly play it now its more watching. 
You also love Fifa and like to trade cards. 
You went through a phase of watching the Disney Channel. 
You were forever watching Austin and Ally and listening to R5. 
You love video games and basically anything on TV. 

Its been a different year we moved house and you have finally got your own room. 
Although you do moan that its not the biggest. 
You love to read and would sit up for hours reading. You have been cross at us that you can't have a TV in your room but I like the idea of you reading. Like me as a kid I was always lost in some adventure in a book.

You love football and was part of a team. Thankfully we are no longer part of that team and just go to the soccer school, which suits the family better. That brought some unwelcomeed rejections that we didn't see coming. They were very mean but hopefully we did what was best. Now we can see that you enjoy football again,
You have done well at school but still interrupt and do not listen as well. You like the attention on you good or bad. You are always happy to answer questions and have a air and a confidence about you.

You have been really helpful around the house and usually always do something when asked. Sometimes we have to ask you a few times but always happy to help tidy up, weather you do it is a different question. 
You enjoy being an older brother when they aren't fighting you for the iPad.
Ami still adores you and Son son not so bothered. You like to play with son son but he wants to play with Ami it's like a little circle you all have going.
You do not like them waking you in the morning, you always have been a good sleeper shame your siblings did not follow suit there. 

You love your food and finish every plate.
Your favourite dinner is pie and mash and would eat a whole pie of we let you.
You also love sweatcorn we have seen you eat massive bowls of the stuff. We eat well and still prefer water to squash. You learned to cook an egg this year a big achievement next will be tea and our mornings in bed will be sorted. 

You love to be active and learned how to go down the big ramps at the skate park on a scooter and nmc. You have always been fearless. 
You loved the flames on holiday and loved racing down them. 
We loved seeing you enjoy every moment of holiday was really nice. Was nice to take you out on your own in the evening and spend one on one time with you. 

You deffo are a special boy. 
You are so grown up I really can not believe it. 
I miss you playing with toys and not just screens.
I miss your make believe voices and that awe and wonder.
I miss those sleepy cuddles and you beening light enough to carry. 
I miss getting you dressed and helping you.

Your an awesome boy, misunderstood and defiantly fun to be around. 
Your last year of being single figures 

We love you lots Asti. 

Your too cool for pictures now.

Monday 14 September 2015

Cicciobella Rumbly Tummy Review

My toddlers love babies even Son Son who's word are limited says baby. So when we were offered the chance to review a toy baby I could not say no. I thought it may be just a doll but it is actually so much more I was more than impressed and so was Ami. Cicciobella Rumbly Doll is a new doll for 2015 and comes with many awesome features which I will mention a little later. It came in a massive box in which I had to hide somewhere as I didn't want them to see whilst I wasn't there. When I got it out there were a few tears of frustration as I couldn't get the bits out faster, and like most of our reviews is usually wrestled by two toddlers. 

I was really impressed at the size of the box, I know toddlers love any large box regardless of what is in it. The Cicciobella Doll in which Ami named Tommy comes with some accessories. A potty, two clothes, a spoon, juice bottle and a dummy. The Tee shirt and Nappy can come off. The toddlers played with it before I managed to get batteries and they were still impressed. Son Son trying to steal the dolls dummy and Ami putting it on and off the potty. 

When I placed batteries in I was so impressed, it was like all the dolls I wanted as a child. I use to look over the pages in the argos book longing for those dolls that ate things but the best I got was a cabbage patch kid that went in the bath. 

Well the special thing about this doll is that it talks to you. It can say 48 different phrases and ask for what it wants. Ami loved it especially when it made the noise of needing a poo. She was delighted. Not only that but the doll doesn't just talk it also lights up, how amazing is that. So when its feed food it changes colour meaning it needs cleaning. Its bottom and tummy also light up meaning tummy ache and dirty bum. 

It was really lovely to watch Ami care for her little baby Doll and feed it. I had never seen her do it with anyother of her dolls. The doll was very demanding and quickly wanting things which was helpful as it kept Ami entertained for a long time. The baby did have a slight annoying cry but often stopped when it had its dummy. 

This Doll provides no mess, which is always helpful for us parents. Although make sure you keep all the bits together as trying to calm a frantic 3 year old as she has lost the babies dummy is somewhat realistic but also very annoying (I ended up tying it on the Dolls wrist). 

The Cicciobella Rumbly Tummy Doll retails at £49.99 and is a great gift for any child who loves babies. My children from 1 to 8 have loved playing and looking after the baby.

Disclaimer: We were sent the Cicciobella doll for the purpose of the review all thoughts and pictures are my own.