Thursday 31 October 2013

Reasons to be Cheerful week 36

Some times I can find writing about what Ive been cheerful so hard. I spend ages wracking my brains about what I have been blessed and happy about in the past week but I start writting and it starts to come out. I start to pull my self up and realise I so blessed and so happy! Anyway this week has been a bit different we have been In Denmark and life has been a bit busy. Being on mission with small children and being heavily pregnant has not been easy but looking forward to getting home settling into a few days before our life turns around again.

1) We have been as mentioned before on a mission  trip to Denmark, We currently in a boarding school teaching and getting along side some teenagers. Its fun and rewarding seeing the kids share stories and surprised at how well they can speak English, remembering that when I was that age I could speak about 3-4 words if that in another language.

2) The kids have loved being in Denmark, the trip here went well and they slept well. I slept ok being heavily pregnant and on a coach. Pants has enjoyed the freedom of being able to walk round a school and do what he wants. Also Ami has enjoyed people making a fuss Danish students cooing and following her trying to pick her up and reciting a wallop from her. They do enjoy being around people so it has made this week easy on me not having to find stuff to do every day at half term.

3) We went to the most awesome pool here in Denmark, I have never seen such a clean changing rooms (although we were surpirsed at the culture of stripping off and having a shower before goign swimming) But the pool was great Center parc standard .Pants even jumped of 20 ft diving board and Ami loved toddling round a little pool with a slide and toys! They even had a climbing wall over one of the pools was good fun.

4) So one more say until my due date very scary how quick this pregnancy is going. I am so not ready and havent even sorted out childcare for the kids must do that. Cant believe I going to have another son soon! Name still hasnt been chosen yet but still have a maxiomum of 3 weeks before he is defo here!

5)  I head home tomorrow embarking on what could only be an uncomfortable journey home. Not looking forward to leaving my family in Denmark who are flying back Saturday (I cant fly back due to being too pregnant) I miss out on the kids first time on a plane but Im sure my husband will cope. Be nice to be home though.
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Tuesday 29 October 2013

Denmark Trip Part 1 - Travelling to Denmark

I did It well we did it we survived a long coach drive to Denmark! We stocked up on food, drinks, games and toys and packed our mammoth amount of bags and we were ready to go. I started to get a bit nervous about what could go wrong but it was too late to back out so of we went.

Our mountain of stuff, Including bags in case new baby makes an appearance
We jumped on a Danish Coach to find out there was no seat belts! A little bit scary bearing in mind was about to travel for hundreds of miles but the coach driver came and strapped the car seat in by a ratchet strap so it was secure I was a little bit happier then.

Safely on the coach at long last!
Fortunately for us Ami fell asleep straight away which left us to try and calm and over excited Pants to sleep. He finally settled and 1 in the morning (5 hours after getting on the coach) and it was our turn to try and sleep! I had an awesome pregnancy pillow by theraline which was amazing, I managed to wrap it around me so I could sleep a little. The kids woke at 7 in the morning and we stopped somewhere in Germany for some breakfast! We were all hoping for a service station and junk but no the Danes pulled out there ready prepared breakfast and an abandoned car park.
Peters foot on show

The next few hours finally flew by and after traveling through many country's we gathered all our stuff to our accommodation. Pants was excited as there is bunk beds 3 beds high but disappointed he wasn't staying in with the big beds. We got to visit the school we are working in for the week and the sports gym where Pants, Ami and all the children played football and played on a massive bouncy castle.

Fun on a huge Inflatable
Ami has loved having loads of attention from Danish teenagers and has loved exploring the school. She has settled well and is enjoying Danish food!  We have had rough weather last few days which involved trees been blown over causing power cuts across the region. Crazy thought I had got away from the rough weather.

Football skills!

Were now planning lessons and teaching, I am incredibly uncomfortable at the moment back has been killing me but trailing through time is going quickly which means time till new baby is going quick! 10 days till due date and another four days in Denmark! 

Me and Pants got chased by these tractors!

We also went to an awesome swimming pool, they had flumes and climbing walls, even a little pool with loads of toys and a small slide in which Ami loved. Pants was even brave enough to jump of a 20 ft diving board. Funny being in a different country going swimming people were so brazen and one of the little girls we were with asked "why is everyone nude". It helped relieve some back ache in the hot pools which is a good thing. looking forward to a busy few days then homeward and baby bound!!

Saturday 26 October 2013

Oral B love your Gums!

Tooth hygiene is important but not more so than in pregnancy. I know this as I lost a tooth in my last pregnancy, yes lost a tooth! I am only in my twenties! It all stemmed from my first pregnancy and my teeth took a big hit 3 teeth crumbled, and I sadly at the time didnt have a dentist till some time after, I was young and didn't really understand the importance to looking after my teeth.

So when I finally went to the dentist I spent alot of time in the dentist chair trying to correct the damage caused by my brital teeth. So for my 2nd pregnancy I made sure I had regular appointments and looked after my teeth, but sadly one time I noticed was a little wobbly and it just fell out! My dentist couldn't save it and I am now left with a gap until one day when I can afford to fix it!  I was sad and made to be the butt of many jokes by my husband. fortunately its not to near the front so not to noticeable.

We recently have been reviewing Oral B's Pro Expert Premium Toothpaste, now being in my third pregnancy I definitely know the importance of tooth hygiene. We have been using it both me and my husband and I for one have noticed the difference from our usual tooth paste, my teeth have stopped bleeding so much and feel clean. So far my teeth have suffered no damage this pregnancy!

My husband also has noticed the difference another member of the family with crumbling teeth and has had reduced pain in his teeth. We definitely will buy this toothpaste again as if it saves us a trip to the dentist we will be saving the pennies. The only thing my husband wasn't fond on was the taste, hes more of a minty fresh toothpaste guy, I wasn't to fussed it tasted better than some other pro gum toothpastes.

“This post is an entry for BritMums’ #ORALBLoveYourGums Challenge  sponsored by Oral-B, promoting healthy gums – something especially important for pregnant women. Get tips and advice on” 

Thursday 24 October 2013

Reasons to be Cheerful week 35

Life just rushes by sometimes, a blink of the eye and its the weekend when you were sure it was only Monday. I am in that season of life, everything seems to be rushing by and I am about 10 paces behind. In this sometimes it great to see the little blessings, the little achievements that the kids make, the nice thing someone does for you. Its nice to see in the madness of life were still happy! 

1) Its finally half term, Pants has been cranky this week think he is ready for a break. He has done well at school this year and has come along loads since being back from the summer holidays. 

2) I got sent a lovely Chocolate Fragrance from the body shop as a random gift of kindness, Its was very sweet and made me smile. especially being end stage pregnancy sometimes days can be a bit funny with all the hormones, the other day I smashed a Cath Kidston mug after I knocked it off the side with my bump!

3) We got to Denmark on Saturday not looking forward to a long journey but looking forward to a bit of time with the family and keeping busy for a week! Keeping my legs firmly crossed WILL NOT be giving birth abroad if I can help it! 

4) Ami continues to be a delight she has a new Cat soft toy in which she has become inseparable very cute! She has learnt more words and is such a little mimic at the moment! She is at a lovely age at the moment everyday she is doing something new. 

5) Ive recently come to the realisation I am going ot have a baby soon, I am looking forward to a baby that's still and doesn't squirm when changing nappy or trying to get dressed.

So heres our little list of good stuff why not join in yourself. 

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Wednesday 23 October 2013

The Adventures Owl and The pussycat Book Review

We recently got to review this lovely book which I am so glad as we love books. We love to sit and read together as a family or just some one to one time with one of the children. The Adventure of the Owl and the Pussycat by Coral Rumble and Illustrated by Charlotte Cooke is based on the childhood Rhyme we all know and love but is so much more than that, Its an adventure and ride around the imagination and a general joy to read.

One of the things we loved the most especially Ami who is only 14 months was the little details on the pages, from a naughty seagull with glasses on or a cheeky crabs. We love a book where we can all get involved and with there only being a few lines on each page Pants was very confidant reading it. Pants loved the way the writing was on the page and the pictures, he too found great joy in finishing something different on the pages.

Pants favorite part was the poster on the cave about the naughty seagull. he liked that it said pooing he laughed for ages once he spotted it, and we kept on wanting to go back to that page! Ami's favorite part was a ball and bird which she took delight in going back to the same page to spot the ball!

After we finished the book Pants realised that it was all about using your imagination, he wants to build a boat and go sailing around the living room, sadly it was bedtime and that can be saved for a rainy day. Thats always good to see that he took in what the book was about, we loved the book and you will too so grab a copy from Amazon you will not be disappointed.

 Find out more about Charlotte Cooke who illustrated the book on her blog and on facebook. Also find out the inspiration behind the book from an interview Charlotte did on the Parragon Website here

Rainy After school fun - sewing puppets

I love the sunshine so much, it changes my mood makes me happy. I hate rain but not as much as wind, those to together make me miserable. I seen our forecast is rain for a month! ARE YOU KIDDING ME! I just cant deal with that! Ok I can and I will, we will try and find ways to be entertained indoors in the dry with tea and cake. This week we have been making puppets not sure what for maybe we can do a show with them one day..!

My son Pants who is now 7 has finally got to the stage where he is happy to sit and do a task for a long time! Something I am so not used to, for 5/6 years getting Pants to sit still for more than 5 mins was nothing more than a miracle, so recently he has been asking me to but him crafting stuff. Which is all new for me, I love crafty stuff so i am trying to pass that on to Pants.

He wanted to learn to sew so I brought him a kit to help him make a puppet, he sat for over half an hour sewing quietly only asking for help when the wool came of the needle. So whilst he was busy Me and Ami attempted to make a little puppet, a little bit ambitious for an active 14 month year old. She loves sticking things and says pat pat when doing so but she just wanted to eat the puppet, so I let her do some drawing with her dog crayons. She was happy to be joining in and seeing what me and Pants were up to. 

It was lovely to help and chat with Pants he enjoys that time, he sure is a chatterbox so was rambling on away mainly about what he wants for Christmas. I love to see how much he is coming on, I love this little pictures he draws. He is really creative and its good for him to have an outlet to do so. I must try to do more and become a bit more relaxed about craft activities, they enjoy it that's what counts! He must have been proud as he showed my husband as soon as he came in what he had made!

Tuesday 22 October 2013

Were off to Denmark

Denmark you might say but arnt you about to have a baby? Yes this is true! Im due to have a baby in two weeks time and this Saturday I shall be travelling a 16 hour journey to spend a week in Denmark! Complete craziness I know but sometimes in life you just have to have these adventures. These stories that will be told again and again.

We as a family love mission, we love serving and helping out, so when we got asked we didnt think we just said yes. There are risks certainly, big risks that could prove to be expensive or we could have an awesome week. We are going to volunteer at a Christian boarding school teaching lessons and getting a bit of the Danish culture. Pants is so excited about going to Denmark, Im a little sad (ok alot sad) that I am going to miss his first time on an airplane. On our way home my husband will fly back with the kids leaving me to endure another long car drive home at 39 weeks. I suppose I see so many firsts, I saw my children take there first steps and talking often from behind a camera to send to my husband, so he can do the same for me the other way round.

So what happens if the baby is born in Denmark? Well that's an obstacle we will have to deal with, my husband will have to fly back and drive out to come and get us, but both my other two children were a week late so hoping this little monkey stays put till after we get home!

Amazing thought the stuff we are taking one baby is enough heres a list of stuff we have to take (and the just in case stuff!)

  • Ami's Car seat
  • New baby car seat (just in case)
  • Travel cot 
  • Push chair
  • Hospital Bag (dont forget the notes too) 
  • All our luggage/ food for Ami and nappies
  • Pants car seat
  • toys
  • Cake 
Just for a week we have so much! We will have a lovely time Im sure, a bit of time to spend as a family of four, a little bit of mum and dad time for the kids. I am excited but very nervous about 16 hour journey out there with a 14 month old! 

Do you have any tips for long car journeys and toddlers?

Thursday 17 October 2013

Reason to be Cheerful: week 34

Another quick week has gone by, another week closer to having a baby! Its getting scary and starting to feel real! I dont have a huge list of things to be cheerful being on maternity leave and the rubbish weather means we dont get out as much except to maybe do the school runs and other fun stuff like that! With all that here is my reasons to be cheerful

1) Pants has gone up another book band, he loves to read which is crazy to see the change from when he was in reception to now. Its funny to think that two years ago he wouldn't sit down for a few minutes to read or do any craft and now is happy to sit for ages reading and writing  (with encouragement to do so). He even sat a drew a picture which is unheard of for him!

2) Hospital bag is nearly packed, baby stuff all washed! Back up plan being sorted for Denmark aka finding where all hospitals are and making sure we take relevant stuff with us!! Still deciding names but looking forward to cuddling a little baby soon :).

3) I asked my husband what he was cheerful for this week, he told me the international football break is over, welcome back premier league... ok not something Im cheerful for, having to plan weekends around Arsenal games is no fun.

4) Ami continues to learn more words daily, she really amazes us with everything she does. Even today at a toddler group she was climbing up a slide and some much older children could not even do it. Shes a born climber not always a good thing especially when you find her sitting on her brothers loft bed! Its fun being a mum to a baby/ toddler not sure what bracket she is in!

5) Not alot really going on in our little family just yet, next few weeks are busy and exciting so we look forward to what is in store :).
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Monday 14 October 2013

Our very own Penguin Peter

So whos peter you may be asking? is this the new baby no no no, Peter has been around along time. I brought Peter from WHSmiths in London Victoria train station  on my way back from Bristol as felt bad hadn't brought Pants a present after I had been away a few days. Pants was 3 at the time and fell in love with Peter!

This silly Peter Penguin has traveled with us every where we go! He has been to Disneyland Paris, Paralymic Games and generally most places we end up! He is a magnet too, when Pants was in toddler groups peter would often get pinched by other children which usually ending with that child receiving a klout from Pants for trying to take his beloved Penguin.

Although I thought recently Pants hasnt mentioned Peter too much and Ami has taken over loving Peter! Finding her in her cot asleep and cuddling up to Peter has been sweet. But Pants asked him to be washed and placed back in his bed where his sister cant find him! Ami has her own penguin called Penelope but its no Peter.

I find it incredible sweet, this silly penguin has had so much love and its just a stuffed toy! I had a similar teddy called twinkleberry and couldn't be parted! I love that Peter has his own voice and that friends and family even recognise this Penguin and ask Pants about Peter!

Sadly Peter hasn't had it easy, after a wash Peter received a minor burn to his bottom area! Silly mummy when trying to dry him quickly so Pants could take him to his nans put a hairdryer to him! sadly this didnt dry him and caused a ring burn! Pants was divested but that was 3 years ago now and Peter copes just fine! In fact makes him different to other Penguins!

Peter had a baby (mother unknown) 

Dressed up Peter

Peter in the car on a journey

This is Peter having a stare out with a dog!

Sophisticated Peter

Peter had a staring role on TV

Peter used as a pillow

Peter on the way to Disneyland 

Sleepy Pants and Peter

Newborn ami wasnt a lover of Peter

Hanging with Peter
A kiss for Peter

Peter at athletics at the Paraympics

Peters Burn
Ami trying to steal Peter!
Much loved Penguin!

Does your child (or you) have a favorite soft toy? 

Sunday 13 October 2013

Flashback to the summer- Quex Park Torch light Maize maze

As the week has been miserable I thought I would write about the torch torchlight Maize maze event we went along to in the summer. You will have to excuse the quality of the photos they were taken on my phone so no where as good as the old Cannon. Not to far from where we live every year Quex park grows a maze out of maize, this year it was shaped like Nelson Mandella. 

Towards the end of the summer they host a few nights where you can go round as it gets dark and then have somethhing from the BBQ. We were given a sheet and the clues were inside the maze, so of we go armed with wind up torches and phone torches.

It wasnt too dark to start of with so we didnt really need them yet, Matt got very serious searching for clues maybe a little to much as he missed the fun of going round and round the same part of the maze.. Ami loved running around following us all and she didnt wander to far away from us.

Pants took great delight in finding the clues and trying to work them out. Although alot had gone over his head, and questions asked like who are the Ghost busters? He was also good at chasing Ami when she ran away a bit to fast. 

As it got darker we thought it would be best to carry Ami as she kept on falling over the maize and other children kept knocking her over not seeing her. Pants enjoyed having the only torch that didnt need to be wound up whereas me and my husband had wind up ones that produced a tiny bit of light! It was getting darker and we had finnaly found all the clues and got the letters (Matt had to ask some kids for directions to the clues we had not found)

Out we come and had something to eat, Ami by this time was tired and cold but still happy. We all had our burgers and worked out the clue. My husband was very disappointed to find out that you didn't get a prize for working out the clues. We had a lovely time going round the maze together and going out rather than staying in. 

Although as we got to the car the Key battery had died, and because it was a infrared key we couldn't actually get in the car. Both me and my husband frantically searched online to find out how to get in the car but had no luck, fortunately my mum didnt live to far and picked us up for my husband to get the spare key and drop me and the kids home. It was late but the kids had a good time and so did we, perfect summer evening, I cant wait for next summer I am not a lover of cold weather!! 

Silent Sunday - 13/10/2013

Friday 11 October 2013

A month to GO (36 weeks)

So here we are a month away until my due date!  I'm so not ready, I keep on thinking its happening to someone else and not me! I'm uncomfortable and have awful backache sometimes but still I am not going to have a baby soon am I. Its all lovely too we have been given loads of clothes which are all folded and sorted for this little boy who is due to make his arrival soon!

With our care this time were not on our 3rd community midwife which is a little annoying as its as if its all over the place. I get told I should be taking vitamin D by one, folic acid by another and a whooping cough jab! Fortunately this is my third pregnancy and although different protocols have changed I know I'm fine and what I should and shouldn't do!

Anyway she does all my checks I say how much pain Ive been in and she recommends to stop taking pain killers if they are not working, which I don't mind because I awful at remembering/ taking any tablet (hence why pregnant twice in two years), but I suppose its good to know there is something that makes me think its going to help with the pain.

She also measures me and I am coming up small at 30cm when I should be 34cm, she asked me lots of questions where I told her I always measure small, and have done with all my pregnancies. So off we went for a scan, sadly my husband was busy so he didn't come which is a shame as he is more confidant than me and probably would have asked more questions. The lady doing the scan didn't say much did some measurements and I was on my way, I didn't see much just some ribs and a spine, but everything is ok and he is estimated to weigh 6lb at the moment! exciting!

So now Im currently packing my hospital bag in the event that he shall come any time now! I dont hold much hope the other two were a week late but its best to be prepared! I cant remember what to put in it (even though i only had a baby last year) So far vests, baby grows and breast pads! oh dear!!

What was vital for your hospital bag? any hints?

Thursday 10 October 2013

Reasons to be cheerful week 33

Im generally a happy person (although I am sure my husband would disagree in at the moment). I tend to look to the positives and make a note of all the blessings in my life, hence why I like this linky, It helps me to look back on what I thought was a rather mundane week and see all the things I am thankful for and that have make me happy, so if you have not taken part have a go, you will be surprised on how much joy is in your life!

1) Had a growth scan after measuring small when I was last seeing the midwife. I had my scan which was lovely to see but to be honest I didn't see much, some ribs and a spine where the only things I could see! There wasn't much explanation from the lady doing the scan, It was lunchtime and I had been fitted in she obviously wanted some lunch or a break. The main thing is the baby is growing fine, he is estimated 6lb at the moment! Scary only 4 weeks to go till my due date!!

2) Ami has said a few new words, bear being her favorite! She also says door and bye her talking has come alot recently its very cute. She also has new dance moves which I call happy feet as she goes all crazy like the floor is cold! She is destined to be a dancer!

3) Were of to Denmark during half term, I shall be 38 weeks pregnant and travelling 16 hours with a 1 year old! should be fun and an adventure! We as a family love adventure! we off to help in a school in a week they call Jesus week! Its a little exciting as there could be the risk that the baby is born abroad!! I havent told my mum yet she will tell me off (even though Im grown up and married with children)

4) Been turning TV of and letting Pants just play, I love to hear all the little voices he uses and what he talks about. He has also tried to get Ami to play with him, he can be so sweet sometime! They can play so nicely together even with 6 years apart Pants really loves having a little sister!

5) My husbands short film premiered the other day, was great to see his passions and dreams lived out. Also I saw the process from writing to making to it being finished! Its all about Hope and really well made take a look if you want just here. I'm biased i am sure but I think its great hes very talented!

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Monday 7 October 2013

PLYT Maths Board Game Review

We recently got the chance to review PLYT board game. We as a family love board games nothing better than spending some quality time together (me getting to competitive) and having a good time. PLYT is a game that has been made by a couple called Ian and Lisa who created the game as they found others to be a bit boring and not very good for children of different ages. 

So out of that PLYT was born, a game not only fair on every player but can help to improve maths skills. My son loves maths so when I mentioned it was about numbers he couldn't wait to play the game. My husband sat and read the instructions as I was a little unsure on what and how we play the game. 

After my husband explained it, it actually wasn't as daunting as I thought. It was actually easy enough to play and my son who is 7 was soon explaining how to play the game. After a couple of rounds and the excitement of using the timer soon all our competitive attitudes came out. My husband was doing the maths and my son would desperately wait for the timer to finish so he wouldn't win. 

The great thing about the game is that it includes everyone, you can choose to help with the chance cards or even choose to put people in front behind!  We started by giving Pants some easy numbers to multiply and we also made him add the numbers together. He enjoyed getting it right and it was lovely to see how much his maths skills are improving at school.

As we were playing we all got quicker and both me and my husband dusted of our maths skills to try and win. We has such a good time plating my husband being his usual cheeky self and trying to trick us into thinking he was ahead. It was a lot of fun! 

Even Ami wanted to join in our game, she was happy to sit on Daddy's lap and try and get hold of the Dice. It was much more fun than sitting in front of the TV like most evenings end up. We would definitely recommend this game it was such fun. Now days when buying games its often easy to look for a game that looks good, but this game as simple as it is, was far more of a interesting game than others we have. 

If my son is learning and having fun its a bonus, you can buy this game from PLYT website. It retails at £19.99 but is definitely worth it. We are sending this game back but my son has said he wants it on his Christmas list. Was lovely to see him choose a board game over the DS or Play station and it was lovely to have some time playing and learning together. 

You can also find them on there facebook page here.

Disclaimer: We were sent this game in order to review it, all opinions and views are my own.