Sunday 31 May 2015

Me and mine - may

Just a quick one from me this month, writing this whilst away with limited wifi! The toddlers going crazy in a cafe whilst I take two minutes, oh dear! 

This month has flown by and we didn't get any photos except one today of us out in the rain on our French holiday! Will get the tripod out and take a per photo this week for next month. 

So here is us in the rain making the most of our Euro camp holiday 4 out of 5 looking not too bad! 

Guest Post From Sneaky Veg Blog - Intro into Sneaky Veg

Hi, I'm Mandy from Sneaky Veg, a mum of three kids five and under from London. I blog about my mission to feed more fruit and veg to R, 5 and Little Miss R, 3.5. I also have a 4 month old baby, S, and am looking forward to embarking on another food journey with him soon.

Not so long ago R, the 5yo, would have shed tears at the sight of green bits of courgette skin in his cake and refused to eat a carrot and banana muffin. But things have steadily improved for us and he now happily tucks into a variety of different foods - and plenty of vegetable cakes of course! He surprised me recently by tucking into masala dosa at our local Indian restaurant, unfortunately this resulted in a few tears anyway and a shout of "Mummy, it's spicing my face!".

At the age of two things were a different story. He refused to eat any fruit of vegetables, or even touch anything with a sauce on it. Raisins and smoothies (from a carton or pouch, not homemade) were the only way I could get any fruit or veg down him. This inspired me to start Sneaky Veg - a blog of kid-friendly recipes that cleverly include lots of fruit and veg.

I've received some criticism about hiding fruit and veg in food by people who feel that you should serve up vegetables unhidden and eventually children will get used to them. However, if I didn't sneak fruit and vegetables into sauces, cakes, breads etc then there would be many days when both of my children would have no veg at all. Nowadays I'm always honest about what is in a dish so they know exactly what they're eating.

I've also been writing recipes which include no refined sugar and it seems that readers are interested in this too as two out of my three most popular recipes over the last month are sugar free.

Courgette and lemon cake 

Which goes to show that everyone likes a cake and that including vegetables (yes rhubarb counts as a vegetable) in baked goods is becoming more and more popular.

Thanks so much to Sara for having me as a guest poster on Mummy's little blog and I hope to see you all over at Sneaky Veg soon.

Saturday 30 May 2015

Getting Creative for Fathers Day - #trupintdads

With Fathers Day just round the corner we decided to get a bit crafty on what to do for Daddy for Fathers Day. After some decision Asti came up with an idea to decorate Daddy's office at work with some new pictures of the kids. So with the help of Truprint who gifted us a voucher towards there website we were on our way. I hoping the hubby will be surprised as all he got for me for Mothers day from the children was a packer of percy pigs!! Oh and some flowers but he didn't tell me that. (not that I am being un grateful I just like a bit off effort) Thank fully the kids had all made me some cards at school and nursery and thats what I loved the most. I love hand made stuff, and if the kids make it, it doesn't matter how awful I still love it.

Whislt on the website I also brought some stickers of Daddy which I thought would make a great touch to their Fathers day cards. The delivery only took a few days which I was so excited about, had to remember they weren't for me and also hide them from the hubby who I was desperate to show. Ami loved the stickers and put them all over her card. They only cost £2.50 which I thought was a right bargain, you can add font too.

Asti took some time making his card. It was amazing to see as this boy 4 years ago would have sat still for about a minute before getting down from the table. Shows he is either passionate about appreciating Fathers day or a new lover of craft. Either way I was amazed, his card did look really good.

I then showed the children all the pictures that they had chosen for Daddy, Asti was super chuffed with his as you can see above. 

The pictures are on good and look really good. I wondered about the quality of them but they look really effective. May have to persuade Daddy to not have the in the office. The size shown in the pictures is only £15.99 each.

They then had the mission trying to warp the presents which for two toddlers they did ok. Poor Son Son did not understand and kept on opening the present. Ami and Asti focused on wrapping theres neatly.

By the end of it all there was glitter every where! I mean every where I had a dentist appointment straight after where the dentist actually told me I had lots of glitter on my face, not at all embarrassing.

 I really hope the hubby loves his little gifts as much as we do. He really deserves it he works so hard for us all. Why not head over to truprint and see what offers they have for Fathers day the last day you can order is the 17th of June. There is so much to choose from regarding gifts and if you are anything like me you a sucker for photo gifts.

Also with not long left Truprint are offering a code to get a massive £30 of fathers day gifts with voucher code - LOVEMYDAD

Friday 29 May 2015

Days at the beach - Margate

There is one thing I love and that is going to the beach. I love the smells (even on seaweedy days), I love the salty air, I love the sense of freedom at the beach. You see I grew up on the beach (not literally) we lived a stones throw away from Minnis Bay beach and as a result we were forced there every day. All the seasons I have plenty of memories of the beach. I am never a lover of the beach in the winter though as when we were children those icy dog walks along the prom were horrific! 

With my love of the beach I have been trying to show my children the joy they can have. It's taken many years and sometimes Asti lives the beach but if he has nobody to play with often will moan. We had to take him to football practice so he was a little pleased to miss out. Ami and son son they adore the beach. As soon as they see any beach they are excited. So the other day I needed to kill a few hours it was a sunny day so I decided to head to Margate beach. I was surprised to see people in small bakinis when I was still wrapping my cardie round myself. It was busy and getting warm. After a about 3 seconds ami started to throw the sand at sonny and it didn't stop the whole time we were there .

The tide was right out and Ami and Sonny walked some of the way before both of them protesting to be carried. Meaning I had to take it in turns whilst the other protests to carried. Then son son saw a seagul and off he went trying to chase it. Ami didn't go near she is scared of most animals, I really don't know why she's so scared if an animal comes near she always says don't eat me.

We had some lunch and played some bubbles it really was a lovely way to spend a few hours on the beach. I promised them an ice lolly and brought them both a mini milk for a mighty cost of 95p each!!! Wowsers! We did have to leave the beach as son son kept on trying to escape of the beach and run towards the road the little monkey.

A beautiful afternoon if you ignore the endless sand throwing especially in my lunch and the many rescue attempts to save a fearless 18 month year old! I did not mind really I love to be on the beach I can put up with getting home and it sit being on my clothes, must have looked a right state when I popped into co op for some milk with sand on my face and the kids too. Sign of a good day to me! 

Wednesday 27 May 2015

Professor Scrubbingtons Emporium of clean Review

We were recently sent some a range of personal care products that are aimed at primary school children. I was over joyed anything that will encourage my smelly 8 year old to want to wash I was happy to try. Also another perk that they are all made to empower children to want to wash them selves with the added extra fun part too. We recieved a shampoo and conditioner, roll on deodorant, hair and body wash and a hair and face wash. They came in the most amazing box that I kept for the children to play with.

The magic inside the Scrubbingtons range is as follows:

  • Magically Foaming - Does not slip out of hands and is a lot of fun.
  • Easy Squeeze Bottle - Smaller for children sized hands one pump squeeze.
  • Natural Product - 98% natural products, no parabens, colourants or SLS
  • Odour Neutralising - Combined with a freadh neutral fragrance 
  • Alie Vera - Naturally gentle and moisterising for all skin types

My children had such a blast with all the products. After working out how to open the bottles (at first I poured the liquid in the bottles in the bath as was clueless on how to open it) I had much fun squirting it in the bath. Then Ami got hold of the bottle and I had to wrestle it of her. Son Son did not come close he has a foam phobia, it actually makes him cry. The hair and body wash smelt lovely not like the usual children's products that always smell so sweet. I would actually use it myself in fact I may put it in our bathroom away from the little monkeys.

 After prising the iPad out of Asti's hands and forcing him in the bath, I told him about the new products for him and he was as excited as grumpy 8 year olds get. I gave him the product and asked him to wash his hair, he had no idea that it was a foaming shampoo. When he squeezed it into his hands he squealed with delight and squeezed it really hard that it hit the ceiling. He washed his hair in recored time and couldn't wait for the conditioner. After washing his hair 3 times I had to place it out of reach before it was all gone. He was also excited to have his very own deodorant too, not that he needs it yet but he likes to feel the part. Even Ami wanted deodorant too.

All of the products mentioned in this post cost £5 each, which you may think is a bit pricy but they are of fantastic quality and a lot of fun. I washed my hands with a form wash a few hours ago and the smell is still strong on my hands hours later. Check out the website details for more information and offers on the products. I am in love with these products from the branding to the smell, they are deffo worth the extra money. Anything is worth it if it gets my 8 year old in the bath.

Wicked Wednesday's - make up selfie

Tuesday 26 May 2015

Competition - 12 mp Action Camera

To celebrate the fact we are off on our holidays I have a fantastic giveaway for you lovely folk. An amazing 12 MP action Camera the same one I shall be using whilst away. We have had one for some time and it has lasted the hands of two destructive toddlers!

It has some awesome little features some which include:

A water-resistant casing that allows you to film fascinating water sports; water-resistant up to 30 meters under water

High definition screen that displays and replays fascinating videos recorded

Detachable battery that is easy to replace and prolongs your camera's service life

12-megapixel HD wide-angle lens;HDMI HD output
Multiple video recording formats: 1080P, 720P, WVGA;Multiple photo shooting modes: Single shot, Snapper

So What are you waiting for why not have a chance at winning ready for the summer. 

Entries for Uk Only please 

Monday 25 May 2015

Were going to France with Eurocamp

This time next week we shall be on our Eurocamp holiday. Its all very exciting and a bur scary as I haven't really given it much thought. I wanted to get the camping out the way first before thinking about holidays. So with that 6 days before we head to Dover and a lovely holiday (hopefully), in fact our first ever holiday just the five of us. That does seem a little bit strange, we have only ever been with family or friends. I am looking forward to some much deserved family time and a lot of memories.

I have done a mound of post camping washing to make sure its dry for the weekend and tomorrow will start the million lists, but I am so looking forward to evenings with the hubby and days by the pool. We're of to La Croix Du Vieux Point, which is about 2 and a Half hours drive from Calais and we may even fit in a trip to Disneyland as its only a 90 minute drive. It's very exciting.

It will be good fun, there's lots of toddler clubs and activities for them as its term time. We also look forward to staying in a. They look a lot of fun. At the park we are staying at there is the opportunity to stay in tree houses but with three adventurers I am sure it would be more hard work. Maybe a idea for when the kids are older. 

The kids love swimming so I just imagine that's the gist of our holiday. We went on a similar holiday last year in France so know what to expect in terms of food. We will take basics and then find a supermarket in France and buy bits we need, like pastries and cake. There's something fun about going round a foreign supermarket. The resort has its own little supermarket too for when we get stuck which has a lot of fresh bread and even more pastries.

The weather will be very similar to here but maybe a touch more warmer and you never know we may get a heat wave. My sister is flying to egypt at the same time, she will come back with a crazy tan and I will look like I have been away. Will have to get the fake tan out me thinks.

So heres to preparing our little holiday, making sure we have the pushchair unlike our last France holiday and having to buy a cheap one in France. We may one of the days take a trip to Disney Land we haven't made our minds up yet. We will see how they get on whilst there sometimes its good just to chill out as a family. I would like to go into Paris but not sure if it will be a bit manic what with two lively toddlers.

So if you have any tips on going on holiday and how to make the best of it then please let me know.

Thursday 21 May 2015

Checklist for camping with children

Camping with a family can a fun way of having a holiday with a lot of fun and the potential for it not to be so expensive. We have been camping a few times with a baby, toddler and child we believe if you are prepared you will be fine. We are camping this coming weekend and the weather forecast does not look good lots of rain. Although there is nothing more refreshing than hearing the sound of the rain against the tent when you are nice and warm inside.

Early mornings

One thing you need to be prepared for when camping with small children EVERYONE WAKES EARLY. Last time we went camping with our toddler she was up at 4:40am as it was so light outside! My tip is to keep them up till its dark to try and get them to sleep longer in the morning. Bring some toys to keep them entertained in the tent so you can have a bit longer in bed.

Be prepared for noise 

Being on a campsite there can be a range of people you may know and some you don't. We have had nights where young people have been drinking and end up running round the site. Not great when you can't sleep as it is. There is also noise from other peoples children/ snoring so maybe invest in some ear plugs.


Make sure you stay safe, take sun cream being outside for long periods a little sun can burn so be prepared. Warn older children about talking to strangers and discuss a boundary for them to play in. We camp by the woods and my son loves to build dens it can take ages to find him which can be a bit scary at times but it is great fun for him. Some campsites have fires which can still be hot in the morning and if you have toddlers sometimes you need eyes in the back of your head.

Enjoy the time together

With the mix of early starts, forever muddy feet and endless changes of clothes it can be alot of fun. I love to sit round a campfire and enjoy being under the stars not having much planned. Spending lots of time out doors is a great way to wear the kids out and make plenty of fun memories. 

What you need

  • Tent - need this if its going to rain
  • Sleeping bags, blankets, travel cot
  • Blow up mattress - much more comfortable than the floor! 
  • Food and little stove
  • baby food and milk, bottles, milton, bowls, spoons
  • Clothes, Plenty of pairs as will get mucky knees
  • Nappies oh year must not forget these bad boys!
  • Toys for kids and water gun - for extra sleep in the morning in the tent
  • Toiletries
  • pushchair/ sling for transport 
  • Sun cream and hats, you never know what the weather will do this weekend
  • Children must not leave them at home
  • Safety stuff, calpol, Plasters Sun cream

Son son your 18 months

Son son your 18 months.
What? How? When?
It's been the fastest 18 months of my life.
You've grown up so much this month your such a toddler now.
I find my self stuck following you and Ami as you go off in different directions.
You have no fear and wander off a lot, 
You have a paddy when you see the reigns.
You love to get out he pushchair and walk.

This month you have been trying to talk a lot more.
You try to say words and love to be encouraged.
People are starting to understand you but you still get frustrated when we don't know what you want.
You throw your self on the floor and throw everything you don't want away.
You say yeah a lot and nod when you want something. 

You love to be helpful and every night you like to give Ami her beaker, 
You get really cross if we give it to her. 
you like to hoover air try to we often give you the end and you pretend. 
You love to play cars and drive them round on the carpet.
You try to play with ami but get cross when she gets too bossy.
You love playing outside and stand by the door ready to jump out before the door closes.

You love your food but still will not eat much fruit.
I often put it into smoothies which you love, especially any mummy makes for herself!
You love to feed your self and refuse all help. 
You throw your food when your finished.
You love mash and vegatbles still. 
Your favourite food is crisps especially watsits.

You wave to people as soon as you see them and often flash your tummy.
You love to see birds and shout when you see them saying "bee bee"
You love Animals and squeal when you see them.

You love to dance and recently started to do little happy feet.
 You and Ami hold hands and spin in circles you love it and squel with joy. 
You love to try to draw and do craft but enjoy throwing it on the floor.
You enjoy throwing things and have such awesome aim. 
Especially when it comes to throwing at people aka balls at heads. 
You love football and always kick when you see a ball. 
You also kick people in stead of bundle oh dear.
 You love to play fight and we have to encourage you not too.
You enjoy bashing ami on the head them running away, that game never ends well for you.

You have loved playing outside especially the sand and water tray.
Even if you do pour it all on the ground you enjoy it all the same.
You do not like shaving foam and it makes you cry.
You recently love lego mini figures and have taken to carrying one round with you. 
We do have to remind you not to put it in your mouth but you think your such a big boy. 

Another month flown by we love you lots son son bear x

Tuesday 19 May 2015

Wicked Wednesday - urm awkward how do I tell you off with out laughing

Just so you know I hadn't realised he was holding the water bomb like that till when I looked back on the photos! Doh! 

Sunday 17 May 2015

Yogurts and Rocket Building - #magicsquaresplaydate

My little ones love yogurt and have it every day so when I got some Petits Filous Magic Squares they were over the moon. Ami was amazed that the yogurt was shaped like squares. She first tried to eat just the one side but had no joy and ended up mixing all the flavours together, where as the boys just ate the yogurt with no comments. 

After a early tea time we decided to mix up the usual watching tv till bedtime by being creative and getting the children to use their imaginations.  Many ideas where thrown into the mix, Ami wanted to make a princess castle and Son Son was confused to why there was no more yogurt in the pots. First Asti placed the pots on a lego house he had built but I said he had to put a bit more effort into it, where he had made his mind up to make a rocket and him and Ami both went of to find a little person to place in the rocket, Ami a happyland character and Asti he had iron man.

I left Asti building the rocket and I had the job of stopping the toddlers stealing the tape from him. He stuck all the pots together in the shape of a rocket (to me it looked a little bit rude). Thankfully I found some tissue paper and he stuck it in the rocket to look like fire. The magic came by us pretending the rocket was real and using our imaginations. Ami joined in by doing a count down to blast off. 

He then stuck some string on it and flew it around the front room. Actually didnt look to bad, I think because the yogurt pots host such wonderful design on the outside the rocket actually looked rather cool. You know what they say another mans junk is another mans treasure. We stuck it to the ceiling in Asti's Room soon to be knocked down when the toddlers can reach. A little something after dinner rather than watching the tv turned out to be a lot of fun. Its great to encourage your children to be creative and watch them make something out of nothing.

Great yogurts and great fun always nice for a change. We should do junk building more often Asti loved it. Mixing up after dinner time proved to be more successful we shall deffo do it more often. 

“This post is an entry for BritMums #MagicSquaresPlaydates Linky Challenge, sponsored by Petits Filous.”

My Sunday photo : 17th may

Friday 15 May 2015

Siblings - May

Being a mum to three children is a lot like being a referee, I am often splitting fights up and stopping little arguments. It is very rare that when they are all together they play nicely indoors. There is always one left out somewhere. When we go outside they get on a lot better, all three of my children do love to be outdoors which is good as I love it too. When they play in the garden they all dig or play with the sandpit and I can get a few minutes to enjoy a cup of tea. 

It's not all shouting Gand hitting there are the times where Ami wants to hold Asti's hand along the road or son son gives Ami a massive cuddle, it's very sweet. When Asti is at school Ami and Son Son get on really all they play together often son son getting told off fo retouching her toys. Son son likes to share and always tries to cuddle her. She has never been cuddly so this does not end well for him. It oftens emds up with a clout to the head. They love getti Asti from school and they are so excited to see him. Ami and Asti play on the way home ami really enjoys this she follows him around and are happy till they get home. Son son and ami want to play with Asti but he wants to watch TV or do his old thing then they argue again. 

Hoping this will pass and they can start to be less loud (here's hoping). Having loud strong children can be hard work. Both Asti and ami are stubborn and know what they want, son son is a lot more chilled so tends to go with then flow. Each month were learning, each month they are changing. I best make the most of it as they do not stay like this forever. 

The Things I Will Miss When The Kids Grow Up

When your children are small days can seem to go on forever and you can be stuck in groundhog with endless nappy changing and peppa pig. Here is something's that are a bonus to being a parent and it's always good to focus on the things that are good. So with that here's a list of this things we will miss when the kids are older

Eating leftovers 

Because there is nothing more satisfying after you have eaten your own dinner than the half fish finger left on that plate. Followed by more chips and before you know it that slimming world diet is down the pan again.

Playing with toys 

Everyone loves a good toy for me it's lego. I just finished playing for a good hour with lego telling my son about all the little figures I have passed down to him. Telling him to not switch heads or take them off (my nephew comes round and does that now batman has robins head). As a adult you can't play with toys or get lost in your little imaginative world without looking a right sausage.

Toddler treats

See when the kids grow up you won't be able to buy those mini party ring bags or colourful super treats, the if your like me and my husband eat secretly behind the cupboard doors. Easter eggs kept up high and consumed by mum and dad. Looking at this we are very bad at busying these and eating them ourselves. One day they get lucky and catch us but that's hardly ever (ok every time my kids have the nose for anything sugary and it's off me in a flash).

Disney channel and other kids TV 

My son loves the Disney channel at the moment which means i can watch good luck Charlie and Jesse without looking like a right old Sado. Ok they are cheesy but they make me laugh and always happy. I'm a massive loser but if my husband found me watching the Disney channel I would,have to pretend I haven't changed the channel since the kids went to bed..

Constantly tidying up

Ok I womt miss this that was a joke, I will miss he calories burnt doing so meaning more sweet junk from the kids stash.

Christmas and birthday mornings 

There is nothing more special than prepping the night before to make these days so special. Seeing the magic in your child's eyes is so,etching money can't buy. My children are very spoilt sometimes but we can't help it. Well we're not that bad I suppose don't look at our Christmas photos to see the mini mountain of presents. 

Chatting back

Ok this something can be hiilarious like the other day at the park I overheard my son having a row with a teenager, he climbed over his kids back and the kid said watch it so my Asti who doesn't hold back bogged back saying "aww does it have your teddy you cuddle up to at night" surprised he didn't get a slap but it was really funny to hear. These funny conversations suddenly change and become more grown up, I'm not looking forward to that.

Pretending to be asleep

If you are anything like me and my husband you will be excellent sleep pretenders. Its a game every morning who can look like they are asleep the longest and therefore is the winner and doesn't have to get up with a toddler demanding Ben and Holly at 5:30am!!! When the kids are older and left the house this game is off no use maybe to scare your loved one but that would be a bit mean wouldn't it!!

Little Minions

Sometimes you can become lazy being a parent, asking the kids to get something out of your reach or putting things in the bin for you. Imagine what will life be like when you have to do these things your self. Nobody to bribe with a bit of screen time to hoover the floor.

Cuddles and Opened Mouthed kisses

When they are small they love to be cuddled and kissed, then they get old enough to give you a snotty opened mouth kiss. When they get older these wont happen, wont be able to scoop them up and hold them tight with out protest (ok they protest now but I am bigger for the time being). Those times when they look at you like you are their world is the best.

Building Sandcastles

This might sound a bit silly but I love building sand castles and cars on the beach, if I have no kids I will look a right wally, people will point and ask if I have lost a child. I will have to wait for the grand children or steal other peoples children. I best make the most now then before my castle days are over, sob sob.


Ok I know there is adult craft which is fun but does it compare to sticking tissue paper to odd bits then painting brown all over as all the paints been mixed together. Does it involve requiring a massive bath afterwards to get rid of all the paint and PVA glue. The best bit is when that PVA dries and you peel it off, adult craft I can not imagine being as crazy. I may be wrong maybe I should start a craft therapy for PVA glue lovers (not glue sniffers just the peeler kind) .. any way I have lost my self. Craft although it stresses me out I love all the tat that's produced by my kids.

Being a parent is a lot of fun, I love it a lot. I try not to wish my life away with the kids I must embrace it with Lego and Sand castles.

What will you miss or have missed when the children have all grown up?