Wednesday 27 November 2013

Guest Post: 5 Ways to Make a Child’s Bedroom More Exciting

5 Ways to Make a Child’s Bedroom More Exciting 

Keeping children entertained can be a constant concern for parents, especially if they’re below school age or off for the holidays. One good way to occupy them is to invest in an appealing and exciting bedroom for them to play in. With this, you can relax yourself or get on with the daily chores knowing your child is safe and content in their room.

There are many style tips you can implement for the bedroom but you should bear in mind the appeal for your child in contrast to their age and interests. If you’re thinking of a revamp in this area, here are five tips to help you get going.

Focus on the Bed
The bed is the most important furniture aspect to consider; after all, it will be used every day by your child and is crucial for a good night’s sleep. There are many types of model to choose from, from traditional country and divan beds through to more adventurous cabin or loft beds. These latter types can be more appealing to youngsters due to their elevated frame and possible features incorporated underneath, such as a wardrobe or desk.

You can find lots of different styles of beds for children here at KidsBedsOnline

Consider the Layout
Children of course have a lot of spare energy and will appreciate a larger floor space in their bedrooms to play in. Think about where furniture items are positioned to create as much room as possible, this will allow children to play with their toys in the bedroom and reduce the chance of accidents happening also. Beds with storage space fitted into them can help with this.

There are great free tools to plan room layouts online; there is a great list of the best ones at Freshome.

Create a Games Area
Modern day kids are treated with a whole host of electronic items to absorb themselves in, from computer consoles and TV’s to laptops and tablets. If they’re of suitable age, you should create a safe area for them to play with their electronic items. Make the seating area comfortable and also ensure their necks don’t have to strain to view the TV. Wiring needs to be protected, untangled and covered if possible so any accidents don’t happen.

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Decorate Smartly
Of course, a dull and lifeless room will not appeal to children at all so think how decorating can create a more welcoming atmosphere. Use bright and simple colours on walls and floors, adding matching pictures or mats if desired. If your child has a certain interest or hobby – i.e. a favourite football team for a young boy – then use posters of their star players or football-themed wallpaper, lampshades, etc to make the room enjoyable to be in.

Take Advantage of their Creative Side
Children develop a lot of different interests when they’re young. You should provide the tools for them to harness these interests in their bedroom. Fitting in a desk for them to complete homework and use their computer are advisable for example, whilst a corkboard also allows them to stick important notes to the wall. Musical instruments are another good idea, both as a way to keep kids engaged and enhance their creative intuitions.

You can find a whole host of creative ideas for children by searching Pinterest’s DIY & Craft section.

When coming to decorate your child’s bedroom, think of the ways they will benefit from the positioning of furniture and the design of the room. Create space for them to play in whilst also reserving an area for them to complete homework tasks. Don’t forget to ask your child’s input as ultimately their opinion should be the most important. 

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