Thursday 14 November 2013

Reasons to Be cheerfull: Week 38

Life is good at the moment ok I am 5 days overdue but I am happy (most of the time). Our week had been a little busy and I have been trying to take my mind of the fact I the baby still isn't here! Our reasons this week are as follows:

1) Pants had an amazing parents evening, and they said he was above average in all areas but does rush to finish first. I was very happy as he doesn't mention school alot at home. He also got star pupil of the day for the first time also all in all a good week for Pants.

2) We had my father In laws 70th Birthday party at the weekend, which was nice. My husband is the youngest of 6 and all have at least 2 children so it can be busy but the kids enjoyed playing with there cousins and we enjoyed catching up with all the family. My father in law said a lovely speech about how they never expected the family to be so large and how proud they were of everyone.

3) Ami continues to learn new words this week saying ov you, or maybe that's what I want to hear. She has been a bit of a mumuy's girl lately maybe she can sense a change. She has been giving me lots of cuddles and kisses which is nice as she can be such an active baby. She has been enjoying the toddler groups we have been attending this week, especially the ones that involves music and dancing she can be so funny.

4) We are looking forward to having a baby at any time least I know its only nine more days maximum! Everyone is excited need to sort a few things out still but its nothing that is important! Well just an overnight bag for the two kiddies when they go to my sisters for the night when we have the baby! I also cant wait to shoft these pregnancy hormones I feel all over the place sometimes.

So hoping this time next week I can say I have had the baby, we will see!

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  1. ooh getting closer! great news about both your children. I love big family gatherings too. Thank you for joining in

  2. Ooh I was so expecting a baby post this week!! Fingers crossed it won't be much longer x

    1. sorry to disappoint hoping not too much longer! :)

  3. The excitement is just bubbling out of your writing here. Sounds like you've had a good week. I love the image of your father in laws huge party and how he never expected it to be so large.
    Sending you good wishes for the new baby joining the family soon! x

  4. well done Pants on the school stuff - sounds like he's doing really well! Well done you too being overdue and staying cheerful. My eldest was 9 days overdue and I found it hard! Very exciting to know that any day now your little one will be here!!! xxx