Saturday 23 November 2013

Reasons to be Cheerful Week 39

Sorry I am a little late taking part, been thinking about writing but have not got round to it! Thats fine do have a new baby and all that! Anyway this week has been a good week, well more than that an amazing week, children are such a blessing and I am more than blessed to have three :).

1) If you had not seen already that little bear finally made an appearance early hours Sunday morning. After a short (but what seemed long) Little Bear was born with a big pair of lungs and a huge protest that he was born! We are enjoying lots of cuddles and how small newborns are. He has just fit into our family as if he has always been here. We are all very much in love.

2) We have been blown away by the generosity of our friends bringing us food round so we dont have to do it our selves. Its such a big help and Pants has enjoyed guessing what dinner it will be. We have had a quiet week of hardly any visitors so I expect an influx of visitors sometime soon.

3) Pants and Ami have adapted well to a new baby in the family. Pants has loved it far more than he did when Ami was born, he keeps on picking little bear up and kissing him very cute. Ami also has liked it although when he cries he does receive a hit on the head from her. She does also give him lots of kisses to very sweet.