Monday 4 November 2013

Ami your 15 months

 Ami your 15 months 
you are certainly growing up so much
you are turning more into a toddler each day
you amaze us and make us laugh so much

You love to read and look at pictures
you have a favorite Farm book and love to look at the cats
 you love to feel the page for different textures and take delight in turning flaps of pages
you love to also pull all your books out (even when not reading them) 

You love to explore and go on adventures 
you have started to not venture to far in places your not certain of
you went on your first mission trip to Denmark 
Enjoying travelling and loved being around lots of people

 you love to be part of what people are doing 
especially Pants and love to mimic what he does 
he is incredibly patient with you even when you bop him on the head
he is one of your favourite people and he makes you laugh the most

you have continued to learn new words 
although you do still scream when you want something 
you can now try to copy words people say to you 
some new words are, Josiah, Kelly, cat, granddad, tree and many more

 you love to swim and play in water 
you love to pour things into cups and play little games 
you love to get water everywhere 
and go crazy if you hear anyone in the bath or mention the word bath

you understand simple commands such as where is your hair or take this to Pants 
you love to feed your self and take great delight when that piece of food makes its way onto the fork.  

you love to dance and often do some mad moves
including looking like your running really fast on the spot
you make us laugh and we love nothing more than dancing
you love to climb everything especially stairs

We love you loads Ami bear
this was our last month of you being our littlest baby 
not that much will change but suddenly you will seem so much bigger
We cant wait to see you as a big sister we know you will be great (if not too over helpful) 


  1. Ah lovely post and gorge pictures :):) how sweet ur last paragraph :):):)

    1. Thanks yes makes me a little sad thinking she will no longer be the baby!

  2. She is so adorable I just wanna eat her! She looks like a wonderful smiley happy little lady xx it goes so fast doesn't it! But they do get more hilarious as they go through the second year so it makes it ok ;) xx

    1. thanks too fast! I do love this age though every day see something new! x

  3. She is adorable. What a beautiful smile! I'm sure she will be an amazing big sister

  4. Bless her, she looks like she is such a character :) thank you for linking to PoCoLo x