Sunday 3 November 2013

Denmark Trip Part 2

So we made it, we survived a mission trip to Denmark and didn't have a baby whilst abroad. Huge relief but really glad we went, really glad we took the risk but ultimately happy to be home. If you missed the first part catch up to it here.

This is one of my favorite places

I love Denmark people are generally happy and helpful, the pace of life is slower and the staff especially at the school we were working with were very laid back. Both myself and my husband got involved teaching different lessons from English to Citizenship. I also taught a history lesson in which I ended up doing a history of music quiz wasn't as bad as I thought (bearing in mind im very shy). 

Some antics at the assembly 
We also got to be involved in some afternoons running some creative projects for the students that didnt want to take part in the sport. My husband and Pants went of to run sports such as English sports day, football and play ground games. Whereas me and Ami helped to make sweets, bake cakes and cookies and make heart baskets. Ami even got involved in the making of some biscuits (this involved her licking the mixture of a whisk but she loved it all the same!) 

Making heart boxes 

We also went swimming again at the awesome pool, and got the bouncy castle out. Pants had a great week he had plenty of time to play or ask to play on a laptop like his friends were. Ami loved to walk the corridors of the school going up and down the steps exploring and having loads of people talk to her. She even by the end of the week began to sit down for longer than five mins. Nice break for me!

Ami helping make cookies!

They also slept well most the time, we had one awful night where we lost Ami's soft bedtime cat and poor Peter (find out more about Peter here) was maliciously thrown on a high speaker and poor Ami kept waking with out a teddy to cuddle! Must remember to take plenty of soft toys everywhere we go now!! 

Playing football at the gym! 

I was very nervous about leaving, I wasn't looking forward to travelling home especially in a van it didnt seem the most comfortable of ideas to me. Also leaving my family in Denmark as they were flying back the next day. It must have been pregnancy hormones or something similar but I got really tearful when leaving and sad I was going to miss the kids first time on a plane, but a nice memory for my husband. The journey home was fine I managed to sleep alot and play on Pants DS. I then got a day to myself whilst waiting for them to come home. That was lovely got my nails done, went out for lunch and lazed around just caring for myself! 

Dad give me the ball!!

My husband said that on the plane Pants was a little bit scared at times and shut the blind so he didnt have to look out the window, and luckily for him Ami fell straight asleep as the plane took of. All in all we had a great time I doubted alot at first why we went but Im glad we took the risk. We saw some great things happen and got to encourage some teenagers so was good. 

My little family on the plane

Here is some more photos of what we were up to! Excuse the mobile photos even though we took the DSLR it never came out of the bag! 

Ami on the swing

playing yet another game of football!

Huge game of pairs 

nothing beats a hug with Peter!

Pants enjoying the plane ride!

Peter arrived back in the UK safely 


  1. Looks like a great visit and so many lovely things that you all got involved with. I think the photo of Ami on the swing might be my favourite, she looks so happy there.

  2. The 'phone photos' are great! Sounds like an amazing adventure and I do think you were very brave to go so close to being due to have your baby, and it's great to hear that everything was fine - even if it was very emotional at times. All the best with the baby soon!!!

    1. Thanks cant quite believe im having a baby any time but glad we went!

  3. Looks and sounds like lots of fun :))

  4. I am so pleased you had a great time and no baby mid way through the trip! ... thank goodness peter made it home too

    thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments x

    1. yes that was great no baby! that silly penguin! thanks for hosting :)

  5. Looks like a fab trip away and all's well that ended well hey! Popping by via #MagicMoments

    1. yes no baby was a bonus I didnt think there would be but you never know :) xx

  6. My goodness it sounds as though you were all very busy!! I love the phone photos too!

  7. thanks, although it annoys me because we have a decent camera yet never use it!