Thursday 14 November 2013

Pregnancy - 40 weeks and 5 days overdue

I have started to go mad! I cant focus! I cant do anything my brain is all over the place! I am now 40 weeks plus 5 days Pregnant! Those 5 days make so much difference, its like waiting for the postman to come with a package you are expecting you know its coming but you just want it NOW!! My mother calls alot, maybe she thinks I will forget to call her when I go into labour and her favorite words usually are "Enjoy it whilst it is quiet!!". Thanks mum.....

I had the midwife yesterday, which was very interesting I thought I had an appointment at the doctors surgery and called to rearrange as it clashed with parents evening, they turned round and said that I didn't have an appointment and in fact I had missed one last week. I hadn't heard from anyone and decided to call my community midwife. I actually didn't know who it was after seeing so many different ones throughout my care but took my chances on the first number in my pregnancy notes! She said I had missed my appointment last week and she didn't call as she thought I had had my baby!

40 week bump! 

That does sum up the care I have received this pregnancy which is a shame, just glad this isn't my first pregnancy otherwise I may have been a bit lost. I had some bloods taken and still measuring at 34cm but she said the baby felt a good size. She booked me in for a sweep for next Tuesday I am hoping I wont need it. Both Ami and Pants were a week late so hopefully this little monkey will follow suit.

This pregnancy had been so different to my others. With Ami I got a lot of braxton hicks in the evenings but with this little chappy nothing! no twinges no nothing I am not uncomfortable makes me think is he going to come or am I going to end up being induced. I don't want that have had my heart set on a water birth at our local Midwife led unit. The only thing that's been similar is my love for Soap bubbles!! Soap bubbles you say .. yes its my crazy craving apparently means I have low iron but I cant get enough, I love the smell the taste a bit yuck but thinking about it now lovely! (sorry for my pregnancy weirdness there!!)
Will miss My  cup holder bump though!

Its funny when overdue suddenly you cant think of anything else other than the baby. Although him being late is good as we haven't decided on a name for him yet, I think we will wait to see what he looks like first before making our minds up. So now to eat lots of curry and do other things to try and bring labour on.


  1. Fabulous bump, as I arrived here I just realised you must be at the point of popping. I hoe you are not too uncomfortable. Mich x

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