Tuesday 19 November 2013

Pampers New Baby Sensitive Nappy Review

Life with a newborn baby is hectic and sometimes all you feel like your doing is feeding and changing nappies. Although it is all good you spend alot of time staring at this beautiful baby that you have created it really is a lovely time. We have recently been asked to try out Pampers latest nappies which is great as newborns go through them so quick. I was interested to try out the latest range which are pampers sensitive as when  my first son was born we use them and my son had terrible nappy rash, his health visitor suggested it could be the nappies and an allergic reaction  to them so we didn't use them after a few uses. We use pampers with Ami who is 15 months and have done since birth with no problems. 

With this I was happy to try out nappies that are a little more sensitive to delicate skin. So when my little bear came into the world we were using them straight away. The thing I love about the nappies is that they have a yellow line that changes to blue when the nappy is wet. This is so helpful especially when they are first born and hate there nappy being changed. The new nappies fell very soft compared to other newborn nappies we have used in the past. They also contain 50% more skin care ingredients and also have aloe vera which is known to maintain moisture levels in the skin therefore can help with nappy rashes. 

 We are currently using size 1 which seem so small compared to Ami's huge size 5 nappies. They have fitted comfortably and we have no problems with leaking especially those first few poo's.  I definitely recommend these to any new mum as they are reasonably priced and super soft. Although Little Bear is not enjoying his nappy being changed he will soon get used to it. 

Find out more about Pampers Sensitive Nappies via there website and also find them on facebook. Also check out your Bounty packs as we received some money of vouchers and some free samples. 

Disclosure: This post and review are part of a sponsored project with Britmums, but all opinions are my own.


  1. What a beautiful little bear you have there, I'm so pleased he's comfy in his new Pampers nappies and fingers crossed he'll enjoy being changed too soon.

    Many congratulations on your beautiful arrival from the BritMums team :)

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