Monday 4 November 2013

Two Children under 2

When I found out I was having another baby I wasn't sure what to think. This baby wasn't planned but not unwanted. I did feel a little anxious of what future will hold and what effect this could possibly have on my career. I felt the same before I had Ami but after it all just fits like they do and you just get on with life, it doesn't change just gets busier, you have less time to get your self ready and spend more time getting kids ready.

Some people have commented on how hard its going to be with two small babies, not really what I want to hear before he arrives. My  mum being the most critical she had me and my sister 14 months apart so has done similar age gaps. I have also heard good things too such as it was hard at first but as they got older they are now closer and its great. I am not sure what to think to be honest, yes I am alot scared by the prospect of two little ones but on the other hand looking forward to the challenge.

I am sadly one of these people that if someone says you cant do that its all I want to do! I am very determined when I put my mind to things so hoping I can use this attitude when this new baby comes! Although I think this pregnancy has gone so quick that suddenly I am here at the end about to go into sleepless nights but strangely not thinking much about it. I think its because I am looking after Ami and watching her progress and learn new things. I see her now at 15 months and all those sleepless nights from a year ago are forgotten so I am sure it wont be long before normality resumes (I hope).

Two children under 18 months must have benefits and I plan to keep positive and take one day at a time! If he is as chilled out as Ami was we have nothing to worry about! I not worried life may become more busier but its about to become more interesting,

Have you had children with close age gaps?

What would be good advice or tips?


  1. My middle 2 have a 53 week age gap and it is a lot easier to manage than you may think. I got them into similar sleeping patterns so I could rest while they rested and then we'd all go for a stroll before we picked up big brother from school. They had ready made playmates as they got older, although now I would describe them as frenemies! You'll find a way that works for you. Once you've had 2 any other children seem to slot into your life with ease x

    1. thats a good Idea, 53 weeks cor you must have felt one pregnancy rolling onto the next! yes I agree someone said more children are like a puzzle piece you didn't know you were missing! Thanks for the advice!