Thursday 7 November 2013

39 weeks pregnant plus a few days!

Ok so its getting scarily close now, I am going to have a baby within the next two weeks. To say I am ready is a huge understatement but I will be ready when the time comes!

I am currently 39 weeks pregnant I don't think I look it but definitely feel it sometimes. I still am suffering with a bad back that gets worse at odd times. I often wake in the night and cant turn as my back is hurting so much. In Denmark I was sleeping on a sofa bed which was more comfortable than my bed and since coming back Saturday I realised how unfriendly to pregnancy my bed is. I wake up with bad breathlessness and generally feeling uncomfortable after a nights sleep.

But I am excited, I am excited about having a baby that doesn't move and I can leave in one place and know he wont move, although with that properly cant leave him as he will get trodden on by his older sister! I wont see the midwife until next week when 40 weeks so hopefully wont see them till after baby is born. I have been disappointed with the care I have received from this pregnancy. I have had 4 different community midwifes and my worst pregnancy but I suppose because its my 3rd they expect me to know it all.

I finally all ready in regards to stuff nappies and cotton wall are all ready, outfits all washed and waiting for my little man to wear them and everything else will just fit into place I expect. We have an Icandy Pear double pushchair that I have been using with just Ami in, not sure how much I am looking forward to it getting any bigger with another baby attached! My mum says it will be a good workout regarding the weight and will help me shed weight post baby (thanks mum!!)

Here is the Bump 39 weeks

The most annoying thing about this stage of pregnancy every pain I think I am going into labour no fun lol! its all about waiting!

The only thing I havent got is a sling that I find comfortable, so if you have any suggestions of some that do not kill your shoulders let me know.


  1. You look fantastic :) Wishing you the very best for the birth and welcoming your new baby to the world xx

    1. thanks yes not long to go every pain is me thinking ive gone into labour lol!