Monday 3 June 2013

Veet easy wax Review

 So after signing up to bzz agents the first thing they sent me was veet easy wax, which is something i wouldn't usually buy! I tend to just Shave my legs its not too much faff but i always miss a patch of hair, fortunately its been such bad weather nobody has known about it!

So i set the Roll on kit up and wait for it to warm up, i left it for a long time as forgot about it but after about 40 mins i thought it must be ready! It went on easily and the instuctions were clear to understand, i put the strip and yanked it off!! Argh too much pain and only a few hairs came of! it took me along time to gear my self up to use it again! I had similar results alot of pain for a few hairs!

My husband was intrigued and was desperate for me to wax his shoulders  ( yes very gross)! so i thought why not its on and he complained about the wax that hurt when i applied it! but it actually had good results on his shoulders better than my legs. Maybe its because i was doing it so i got him to attempt to try waxing my legs again! after alot of hesitation he just pulled the strip of! argh did not like it!
Not my cup of tea took to long and too much faff, but if your used to waxing and dont mind the extra time and just want smooth results then try it out!

Disclaimer: Was given this product free of charge to try out! I have not been paid for this post :) 

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