Thursday 20 June 2013

Reasons to be Cheerful: Week 16

This week has flown by cant believe its nearly the weekend! Although were not going to Britmums were of Camping instead! oh dear have fun those who are there gutted to be missing out!! Sometimes I look at my life and see just how blessed we are, we dont have alot of money, we dont get to go on loads of holidays but we are blessed with two little monkeys and I would swap them for every luxury in life!

1) Today we find out weather baby number 3 is blue or pink! Rather excited need to hold out till 10am!

2) Yesterday me and Ami braced the train and tubes to London for an experience day with huggies little swimmers, Ami enjoyed Swimming so much, it wasnt to much faff even in rush hour.

3) After being a cheeky boy at the weekend pants has been very chilled out this week always find he gets a little ruffled around fathers day.

4) As mentioned at the start we are of Camping! Hoping Ami sleeps well in a tent she is sharing with Pants he is more excited. Last time we went camping Pants was trying to make loads of fires after seeing them in forest school! he loves it!

5) next week sees my last week of maternity leave! boo! although am looking forward to going back, a little scared!

6) Loved the weather this week, we managed to get to the beach after school this week! much to my delight! Ast and Ami went swimming in the sea!

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  1. Have a great time camping. Money doesn't make you happy but beautiful kids do x

  2. Im not going to BritMums either as we are also away for the weekend. Have a great time camping x

  3. Hope the camping went well and that Ami had a great time! In didn't go to Britmums live either but otitis looked good. X

    1. Yes camping went well the kids loved it, were back again this weekend!

  4. Hope you all had a great time camping.

  5. I hope your camping weekend was fabulous and you go a nice surprise finding out if the babe is pink or blue! Mich x