Friday 21 June 2013

Camping With a baby and friends!

This weekend and the following we are off Camping! as per usual for any trip i am unprepared, wanted to get a pop up travel cot but never got round to it! One day we may go proper camping were we will need a stove and wont have electric!

So essentials I have taken!

  • Tent ( must not forget that, dont want to sleep under the stars!)
  • Sleeping bags (for extra warmth) 
  • Blow up matress (was so good last year best sleep I had at 35 weeks pregnant!) 
  • Food (ok basically crisps and chocolate, we dont own a camping stove!)
  • baby food and milk, bottles, milton, bowls, spoons
  • Clothes, Plenty of pairs as will get mucky knees both children
  • Nappies oh year must not forget these bad boys!
  • Toys for kids and water gun (for extra sleep in the morning in the tent) 
  • Toiletries ( must get round to pack these!) 
  • push chair ( using this as a pod for Ami to sleep in) 
  • Sun cream and hats, you never know what the weather will do this weekend!
  • Children must not leave them at home!
  • Safety stuff, calpol, Plasters Sun cream
Fortuantly My husband got there last night the tent is up and all i have to do is take food, clothes and kids! We love these two weekends they are the high lights of our year! Our church and New gen church in Sidcup go camping as a huge church family! The weekend is followed by baptisms in the sea good fun! First is New Gen weekend so were going to help out however we can! Looking forward to catching up with friends, listening to the sea at night listening to some awesome teaching! Pants loves It for him its fire, fresh air, climbing and football! Lets hope the weather holds out and Ami sleeps well! 

Heres some photos of last years Weekenders! 

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  1. I am torn between admiration and bafflement at people who camp, especially whilst pregnant! I hope it goes well :)

    1. Ha it went ok the weather was a bit disappointing but the kids enjoyed it!

  2. just saw your list the water gun made me chuckle!! and oh my your brave! pregnant w toddler and kid not sure i could do that! glad it went well x

    1. It went ok we have purchased a travel cot for this weekend not making that same mistake!