Saturday 8 June 2013

Shoulder to Shoulder Today Blog HOP

Yes its a blog hop not a bunny hop!! way hey got in there with a corny joke ( some of my jokes arnt even funny to unfunny dads)! Anyway today i am Co hosting the Shoulder to Shoulder today blog hop for the Lovely Emma over at crazy with Twins! She is one incredible lady and an inspiration to all (also local Celeb i saw her saw on twitter she had been recognised in town) Anyway if you havent heard of Emma and your wondering what am I blabbering on about Emma was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer, This having been the second time standing up to cancer in her life! as scary as Cancer is to cope with 3 small children i admire this lady very much! Her attitude and guts had been remarkable Emma your a star! Shoulder to shoulder today was set up to support Emma after her radiation Therapy where she would not be able to go near anyone! Let alone her 3 small children a hug could harm them (although after a day of looking after children im sure this sounds nice) I can only imagine the heart ache of seeing your children and not hugging them!

SO the time came and she could hug them again I cried whilst reading her update, hurray hurray Hurray, so now this Blog hop hopes to cause awareness to cancer! Check your self over check those lumps checked out! Also promote maggies centres and the amazing work they do to help people with Cancer! Emma is also doing Race for life you can sponser her here she is raising money for cancer research !

Anyway I had big ideas about a funny post! Was going to invent a thing cuddle cuddlearadioactivemum! was going to go to the dragons and ask for funding to get it developed!
Whats this you ask.... Well its long arms over a metre attached so you can hug from a distance! Ok doesnt sound great so i drew a picture via Paint...

.... Alright its just some sticks and some gloves on the end! good for brushing hair, wiping faces and getting high things from shelves!

And ive seen shes lost her taste buds too is that a good thing can you eat veg and pretend its chocolate! ( great nurse i am!)

Anyway hope it hasnt been to offensive lol! Anyway if you have a funny post for Emma get writing posting etc join in, donate and get supporting this superstar!!

Also here is a funny video of my husband im sure it will cheer you up!!

The Science of Shaving from Matt Carvosso on Vimeo.

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  1. I LOVE that video - its fantastic :) Ross would really appreciate that one. I think your arms are a great idea - I think I need them anyway, great for changing smelly nappies!! Thanks for hosting today xx

    1. Thanks yes my husbands dream is to be a director so is always making short films and stuff like that! :) x

  2. Very clever *makes a note to investigate paint*

    1. If you have a PC its in the accessories bit! When we were younger we didnt have internet so between word and paint it was the only thing we could do on a computer!