Saturday 22 June 2013

Dyslexia in Adults

All my life i have struggled with writing, weather it be because my poor hand writing is so bad cant re read it or i just dont understand things! such as there, their and they're I just dont or never will understand any difference! With all this at school i managed to scrape through with two c's in English bearing in mind i didnt know what some things ment like metaphor or things like that!  I finnaly got diagnosed with dyslexia when i was 21 at university, every essay feedback always said the same thing please proof read as some sentences don't make sense! Or lacks in grammar. Oh dear. So i asked if i could be tested (nothing to do with all the free equipment you can get like the laptop im currently typing on or the dragon software it has either)

I had to sit through a two hour test checking all areas such as spelling, reading, writing, grammer, logic and more. I was good at logic but the rest not so good! So after a few weeks heard back and yes I was dyslexic I was relived I was stupid it was how my brain worked! The outcome was short term memory loss, loss of conentraction , poor grammar, spelling and reading! This was good as I got a front sheet for all future essays at university that helped so much! Althoug most the time i dont see any issues with my writing i re read it seems perfectly fine to me, I may jump from subject to subject, loss track of what im writing but im happy with it!

If you ever thought about dyslexia and that you may have it there are plenty of tests on line where you can see if you have some symptoms! Its not a problem I still function fine with it, thank god for spell check although can still see plenty red lines under my words opps! I may get distracted easily but so be it my mind is on other things all the time lol!

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  1. I'm dyslexic too, and I'm the exact same with the handwritting. And I think I jump from one thing to another when writting anything long.

    Nice to read about someone who's similar to me!