Saturday 1 June 2013

Sunshine and the Beach

I cant go on about how much i love the beach! Its one of the only places i feel completly at home, the sound of the waves the sand between my toes, I just love it! We had spent a day with some friends and after they went home we went to check out the new prom stairs at margate beach! Pants had stripped right down as he wanted to paddle but paddle turned into a swim and he was completly soaked! Ami was happy just watching at first but then she wanted to crawl up the steps!
 I tried to get a lovely photo but it was so stressful trying to stop Ami falling down the steps! Also when ever she sees the camera she goes in the other direction! It was so lovely and warm i stripped Ami down to just shorts!! yes just shorts for the first time this year! I then made the mistake of taking Ami to have a paddle! she loves water so that was it we were stuck paddling in the cold water! It was time to go with a soaking wet Pants and a cross Ami!

Was lovely to be out in the sunshine, the best thing it was free and fun! my favorite type of fun!! Half terms can be a killer for spending money!


  1. Saz I am with you all the way, if I am not on on our farm then I am on the beach by choice. A great way to spend half term days without spending a penny! Thanks for sharing your fun on Country Kids.

  2. Oh look at that last picture! Cute! Your little man was very brave to get into that water I'm sure it was cold!