Wednesday 5 June 2013

Shower of Love, Baby Mobile

I love to make stuff, i often start then a few weeks later realise i started it and carry on! This took me two months to complete!! Just because i was busy doing everything else.Some friends of mine where having a baby and i was thinking what i could get them that was special, they recently moved away and we miss having them around alot (we miss the football banter too!) . So i had seen this on Etsy and thought it looked awesome but didnt want to pay £50 for something i could attempt to make, and the best thing i had loads of Cath Kidston Swatches and fabric so it didnt cost me a penny! Just would take time as sewing by hand does. I also broke a tooth after trying to pull a needle through the fabric with my teeth! I loved the idea of a shower of love as thats what we do we shower our children with love!

The most time consuming thing was sewing all the hearts! then it was plain sailing making a cloud and adding the extras! I left it out when it was completed and the kids pulled hearts of within 5 mins of getting up so had to make sure everything was safe for a baby! Im really pleased on how it turned out, I hope they like it! One day I will make one for my Little Ami and baby number 3!


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  1. Aww that is lovely! Beautiful!
    Well done you!!

  2. That is so beautiful Sara - definitely inspires me to actually make something. Well done you :) Thanks for linking to PoCoLo z