Monday 17 June 2013

Magic moments : Uni mum

One of my magic moments, nothing to do with the kids (for once) was starting uni! i was 18 and had no qualifications but was there acting like someone my age! I had qualifications just enough to get me on the course! Anyway after falling pregnant at the young age of 16 and having Pants at 17 i realised i did not want to be another statistic! I even went back to a small waitressing job when Pants was 1 month old! I didnt want to be like every other young parent I wanted my child to feel proud of there mum, and provide for my child! i was a single mum and Pants was only one when i decided to become a nurse! I had always loved hospitals and was a stucker for gory A and E programs so i went for the interview with a bit of knowledge i had read, no real experience and i got a place! Obviously in a shortage of nurses at the time! But i thought yes this is for me! The best thing is you get paid to do the course and tuition fees paid sounded very good to me!

So here I am at uni learning not really living uni life as going home to be mum but was enjoying it,  then i go out to do the actual work and that was the first day I realised crap what have I done! I dont know what i thought nursing was? what did I think nurses did! So funny to look back now I remember the nurse saying to me to wash a patient, I had no experience I was like you actually have to touch the patients? I think I took a huge crash down from student nurse to I am in too deep I want to be a stay at home mum away from this! but I stuck it out, learnt new things, learnt alot of things! But i look back and cringe I see now that I love nursing now although still not a proper qualified nurse but will be in 10 weeks!

So here I am 5 and a half years later, life has changed alot, I Met my amazing Matty, got married, had Ami now having baby number 3! Im about to go on my last ever placement as a Student nurse, my career is about to start, lifes a bit mad but Im so so glad ive stuck it out! all those late nights writing, all the hours worked on placement, all those important times ive missed, its all worthwhile! im at the end of one journey and at the start of a new one! Life is good!

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  1. Well done Sara you achieved so much and your story is an inspiration to others!

    Thanks for linking up with #Magicmoments

    P.s i hope your last 10 weeks fly honey x

  2. Wow, glad that you stuck it out, thought at one point you were going to write that you'd left nursing. Sometimes it's only by doing that we find out what we want/like don't want/like. Hope the next few weeks fly and that it gets even better.

    1. Thanks it will fly by the summer always has! I would never given up too stubborn lol!

  3. Well done to you for sticking it out. Never easy, but you should be proud of yourself! x