Thursday 6 March 2014

World Book day 2014

In this house me and the kids love books. My hubby loves reading via phone or laptop mainly I dont think I have seen him finish a book, but whereas me I love nothing more than getting stuck in a fictional book (usually a romantic type). Hence why I spent my youth wanting to work in a office in London so I could be like the books I read. One day I will write a book a soppy romantic one I love them.

Although its great that we celebrate books it can also bring a little dread into a parent who has a school/ nursery age child. What will my child wear and how am I going to make it! My son this year wanted to go as Garfield after explaining he watches that on telly and not a book he then wanted to go as a footballer as he reads football skill books. Then finally he went as The Tiger who came to tea. Complete with tiger food (which I found hidden behind the sofa).

Ami also loves books, and will spend hours pulling books of the shelf looking through them and taking it all in. The kids have tons of books Im forever buying them from shops and charity shops. We also get loads from the library but I often end up to forget to take them back (we owe alot of money!!!) I hope my kids get my love of reading when they get older, that books wont be forgotten, that feel of fresh pages will be something of the past

Our fave book at the moment is The adventures of the Owl and the pussy cat take a look at our review here. My all time favorite children books are Owl babies and The tiger who came to tea (pants wasn'tpeer pressured into these I swear!) we need to read more its easy to stick on the TV with the kids really need to make more of an effort!

Whats your favorite book at the moment?

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