Monday 24 March 2014

Mumbucks - Review and Giveaway

 When you are a parent sometimes you find that all of a sudden your child has learnt to out smart you, suddenly your old methods of discipline are not working and you are stuck in a rut. This may not be the case for you but for me I tend to be so laid back nothing ever sticks, I am a softy and a big pushover. We recently got asked to review a Reward system for children called Mumbucks. The idea being that children earn Mumbucks by good behavior and good deeds.

My son is like any boy his age learning to push the boundaries a bit more and generally growing up far to fast, A big issue we have in our house is screen time. He would if we let him spend all time in front of a screen watching/ playing minecraft, and when you tell him to turn it off he gets cross and all off a sudden my child has turned into a stroppy teenager. So I was stuck in a rut but for the last month we have been using Mumbucks as a reward/ Saving scheme for him to earn time playing on screens or watching tv. Not only has it been good way on monitoring how much he plays it as also been fun. The idea behind it is that mumbuchs are given for good behavior or Pants being polite and helpful, and depending on how much he has done he earns a certain amount of mumbucks. He then has the choice to save them up to have more screen time or even trade for money. 

We made a list together of what he wold earn them for and before I knew it, he was hoovering and tidying away. It has stayed like that and rather than have him moaning he is happy to do so as he has earnt sometime to play minecraft. Although our mumbucks do not last its great to teach Pants about the importance of saving he already saves his money and its a good habit that will hopefully see him until he is older. Here is some example of what mumbucks can be traded in for: 
  • 15 minutes of watching television
  • 15 minutes on the gaming console
  • Our choice of outing
  • Staying up half an hour later at the weekend
  • Millions of families use reward systems as a way of encouraging good behaviour.

Mum bucks have worked really well in our house, I think because we are very laid back it fits in well with us, we can tend not to be consistent so it is great. Mumbucks reatils for £14.99 and we think they are great. Check out more on the mumbucks website

Also Check out your chance to win your own set of Mumbucks so why not enter below.
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Disclaimer: We were sent Mumbucks in return for a review, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 


  1. I reward with praise ,treats hugs and quality time x

  2. I must admit that I prefer to treat with praise but I can see the use for these. Interesting idea.

  3. I do like the idea of this system, it's good that alternative rewards can be used #TriedTested

  4. I've read quite a bit about this system over recent weeks and it sounds great.
    Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  5. i could do these for my teenager!! xx super idea x

  6. I reward with praise and treats....
    This looks such a great idea!!

  7. Mumbucks are very good, we use ours a lot! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  8. I usually use a reward chart and discuss with the kids beforehand what the prize will be. I like the idea of mumbucks!!!