Tuesday 11 March 2014

Mothers Day gift Ideas

Mothers Day is just round the corner I am betting that the time will fly by and before you know it your at the garage buying flowers and chocolate... (or is that just me!). This year I am not going to do that and be prepared, Ive been looking for some lovely gifts for my mum she does deserve it. She works very hard and is always around to baby sit when I ask.

So here is a few ideas to tickle your fancy

Baby Bird Necklace

I am kind of hoping that my husband stumbles upon my blog and finds this as I love this little necklace and I am not a jewelry wearer. I seem to love birds at the moment sorry about that, this retails at just under £18 the perfect gift for any mother. 

Handmade Blue Bird Bowl

 I know my mum would absolutely love this its a mixture of vintage and modern that she would love. I could see her storing things on her dressing table. I also would love it It would look great in our bathroom as a soap dish. Its a tad pricey at £15 but the quality and finish is totally worth that price.

I Love you to the moon and back necklace

This beautiful necklace is also a locket where you can store pictures of your children/ grandchildren/ dog in there. It is just the cutest little thing, Its retails at under £22 it is a lovely gift for anyone. I know If I got this from one of my children I would be so overwhelmed

Hand made notebook

If your mum is a keen writer or loves a journal than this is for her. This hand made note book is just lovely, the paper is handmade and is all made of recycled materials. It costs £11.13 which is a similar price I would pay for a good journal

Floral Scarf

You cant go wrong with a floral scarf, or any scarf in fact. This one is perfect for spring coming where the evenings as a bit chilly but the days are warmer. This one costs less than £10 what a bargain.

So what ideas have you for your mum? Do you do gifts at all? 

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