Friday 28 March 2014

Getting Crafty for Mothers Day with Cuticura

Recently I got sent a lovely package from Cuticura with a card and mug for my children to decorate for Mothers day. My daughter absolutely loves drawing, sticking and generally anything that involves getting messy. My son it has taken 7 years to get him to want to do any sort of craft. For him sitting down is a waste of energy but he was so pleased to decorate a mug for his mum. Research shows that making things can help with all areas of learning. Then princes foundation state that Engaging with art from a young age can really contribute to gaining nurturing skills, improving self esteem, confidence and communication. 

So with all that we got stuck in, neither wanted any help and got on with it my daughter desperately wanting to paint but managed to keep her satisfied with crayons and stickers for a bit. My son which is a huge break through sat for ages perfecting a little heart that he painted on the mug. That kind of thing speaks more than words, he didn't want me to see and wanted to hide it for Mothers day (I found it in his bedroom to take a photo of it). 

Homemade gifts from your children really are the best gifts, they mean so much more than any brought item. I love that my children have thought and shown how much I mean to them through making somthing. My mum used to keep all the stuff we made and I loved to see that.

Lovely gifts ready for Mothering Sunday, I'm glad as a couple of years ago my husband forgot to get a card for my son to give me I wasn't impressed! below is some other lovely bits I got from Cuticura which is great, I didn't even know they made soaps so why not check them out your self at their facebook page

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