Friday 21 March 2014

Funny Toddler Chat - March

I making a note to write down these little conversations before they all change. Ami is at the age where she is making us laugh so so much. She is such a delight at times and I really want to remember these little chats before they are forgotten. 

After me telling Pants of at dinner
Ami: Oh Naughty Adon, Naughty Adon
I then pass her some bread 
Ami: Good girl mumma

After taking Ipod of Pants she brings it to me
Ami: Here you are Mumma
Mummy: No thats Pants give it back
Ami: No Happy day
We then have to play happy day and dance

Telling Ami of for hitting Little Bear
Ami: No Bye bye Mumma
Mummy: Ami be kind to Little Bear
Ami: Friends (and signs it too) 

After finding Ami covered in make up
Mummy: What are you doing 
Ami: Good girl Mumma
Mummy: Ami that is Mummy's make up not for little girls
Ami: More brush 
She then attempted to put bronzer on me and little Bear

Ami hears Daddy making dog noises, she runs and hides as she is scared
Daddy: Whats up its just a Dog Dog
Ami: Naughty Daddy, Bad Daddy 
Daddy: Wheres the Dog gone
Ami: Naughty Dog Dog gone bye bye

After finding her with tea all down her front
Mummy: Ami what is that down your front
Ami: Mummy tea juice all gone
Mummy: Yes Ami its down your front
Ami: yes hot tea

She sure does make me laugh this is just some of what I can remember. 


  1. Precious memories !! Will make you laugh in years to come x

  2. Kids are great for making you laugh. It's good to write them down to remember them forever.

  3. Aww! Bless her....She sounds such a character! Too cute x

  4. I am now paying attention to my pre schooler when he talks cuz its funny! Kids have the best and funniest vocab ever!


  5. Bless her, this is so cute! I do love the age when they start talking. Thank you for linking to PoCoLo x