Friday, 7 March 2014

The pull of a child

I hold you tight and kiss your head, I know your mine and I am lost in this embrace. Your hands wander and search for your mum. You hear my voice and search for my face. We lock eyes and understand true love. True love that you would risk everything to save. You are so beautiful so changing everyday your doing something new.

I place you down and you start to cry. I want to pick you up and comfort you, nurse you and cuddle you. My husband tells me not to pick him up straight away. My heart is pulled and your tears. I hold my self together and pick you up. You stop crying, you know your safe in your mums arms. I get a look and a I told you so, but I dont care. I will hold you till you don't want to be held. I will cuddle you till you wont let me. Its a short time and I want it to last. Even in the throws of night when I hear you cry I rush to your aid. I hold you and rock you and wish you go back to sleep but still love the closeness.

When you grow to be a toddler Im still there behind you. Watching and my heart is happy, I see you learn to sit, to stand, to walk and I am so proud. Proud of you, proud that your mine. Every word you mumble is as if its the best word ever. Some words cause me to melt and your little voice to so cute. Little things you do I am in awe of you and wonder where you get these things from. When you fall over I am right behind, holding back my tears as I see your pain. Trying to stay strong as you pull the saddest of faces. The pull is strong I am your mum I am there to protect and I will always try my hardest.

Then you grow into a child, you dont want so many cuddles and kisses, and suddenly everything else is more fun than boring mum. All your cute things have been replaced by childish ways and remembering you younger is hard. I see all your achievements, I see you learn something new and be excited about it. I am proud when you show me how to do something I dont know. I look at you and wonder what you will be like when your older, I hope and pray over you. I know you will be great. You never cry I know your seriously hurt and that sound pulls me to you. I am there that protective mum, that Mum that will always fight for you. Always be there for you. My favorite times are just me and you, we have a good laugh and I miss all those years we had just the two of us.

So with this I am blessed with three awesome children all in different stages, All learning differently, all so so special. Being a mum is great!


  1. awww honey this is stunning!! thank you for linking up with #MagicMoments xx

  2. Lovely family you have there and they will all be different and learn differently and all be eaually special in their own way

    1. yes I bet they are all so special!

  3. Very sweet post - enjoy all the precious moments with your 3 beautiful children x

  4. ahhh what a lovely lovely post!! x

  5. Beautiful words, perfectly described being a mummy. You have a beautiful family too #MMWBH

  6. beautiful post! your babies are all so beautiful :) xxx

  7. N'aww what a super sweet post!! Thanks so much for linking up this week! #MadMidWeekBlogHop