Thursday 27 March 2014

Time apart - bit of a softy

Ok if you know me in person you may think that I am not a slushy romantic type, but actually I am. I love nothing better than spending time with my husband just hanging and love little surprises. To us all I think that means different things, my husband loves gifts where I love spending time together. One thing I don't like is time apart. I miss his so much, every day I call him at 4:45 asking what time he is coming home hoping he will say he is leaving work early. He never does but I live in hope, hope that he leaves work early, has sorted baby sitters and takes me out (I actually suggested this and he said it only happens in movies). One day he will especially if he comes across this post.

Next week he leaves us to take up home in minehead for a Christian event called spring harvest for a few weeks, there he will be busy where I am not, I think and want to call him far to much. He has been such a bit support lately getting up with Little bear, taking the kids and letting me have a bit of peace. I know it will be fine with out him but I would rather him here. He has the ability to make me laugh like nobody else.

There is a nice thing about him being away is seeing him after a length of time, my heart thumps as the time dwindles down to seeing him. Its like when we were first dating and he lived away every Friday I couldn't wait all week. I watch videos of him and look at photos, I now feel such a creep but this is me! Its actually only for couple of nights before we join him but still its the longest we've been apart for a while. Especially with two small children. So we shall see how well that goes.

So here we are, you may feel like you know me a bit better or even think I am a bit more stranger than you thought but thats me. Below is a video I watch when he is away (although I just rewatched it and he sure looks so much younger in it, this was before he was married to me and had lots of children)

PROJECTED - SHORT FILM from Matt Carvosso on Vimeo.


  1. What a beautiful post. It is so obvious to me that you and your husband absolutely love each other and this makes me feel so happy. Thank you so much for linking to PoCoLo lovely x