Monday 2 February 2015

Funny toddler chat - 29 months

I haven't done a funny toddler chat post for a while, for that I am sorry because Ami is hilarious at the moment. She has an amazing vocabulary at he moments and I must make more of a effort to write them down before it all changes again. 

Daddy reading foxes socks to Ami
Daddy: look in the cupboard and he finds his...
Ami: Say bow, bow tie

Ami: where we going tomorrow
Mummy:you are going to nursersy
Ami: what about pants 
Mummy: he is going to school
Ami: is little bear going to the baby room
Mummy: yes 
Ami: daddy working then daddy pick my up.
We have this conversation every night 

Daddy: do you want to watch fireman Sam
Ami: no I don't like it 
Daddy: Noah loves fireman Sam 
Ami: I love fireman Sam 

Mummy: ami what you doing in the bathroom
Ami:my make up
Mummy: you best not be using mummy's make up?
Ami: yes I look all pretty now

Ami was talking to some lady on the train
Ami: I'm going to pick my brother up from school
Lady: oh ok
Ami: then I'm going to football practice, then home
Lady: good
Ami: why isn't the lady talking 

Ami to some girls 
Ami: this chocolate it a teddy bear, pants calls me a teddy bear, you can't have it.

Ami got told of for something or other
Mummy: leave your brothers alone
Ami: stop it your making me upset now!

This is some of what I can remember, she really is so funny and so special. I will deffo note some more down as it's hard to remember now. Toddlers are the most funny people. 


  1. Toddlers are hilarious!

    My daughter (2.5yo) was putting her finger in a non-lit tea light and applying it to her lips thinking it was vaseline the other morning.

    Kirsty @ Talking 'Bout My Girls

  2. Aww isn't she sweet - I love her chat to the lady on the train!

  3. I just love the things that toddlers say, do keep writing them down, they will keep you giggling for years to come

  4. Ah she sounds a lot like Monkey - he loves talking to random strangers and they never know how to respond! Lovely to write it down as it is so easy to forget the funny things they say isn't it? xx #ssamazingachievements

  5. Love her toddler chat. How sad the lady on the train wasn't very talkative, it wouldn't have hurt! I love that you are writing these posts to remember these precious moments.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)