Saturday 7 February 2015

Life oh LIfe - Feb

Just thought I would write a little update of our day to day, I know we have not been around as much as I liked on the whole blogging front but someone has been stealing my evenings so I have been stuck, infact tonight is the first free night in along time and I spent it doing a sainsbury online shop! Oh well It hasn't helped I have been working alot of evenings meaning by the time I get back my brain is mush. Enough about the boring bits of my days heres the fun parts.

We have been making the most of our garden and getting the kids outside. Its been so cold so the park is no go so at least the garden we are not far from the warmth. Little Bear has loved it and we find it really difficult to get him to come inside. Pants has found it good for football practice so the warmer days shall bring much relief. I really can not wait, we have never had a good garden so shall be interesting. I have loved the sun shining even if it has meant cycling to work has been rather chilly.

With the season of love upon us me and Ami have been getting creative making heart stamps out of toilet roll. Really easy to make all I did was make the circle into a heart and tape it and all set of a toddler to put as much hearty paint all over the place. We also put masking tape into a heart shape so when it peeled of it would look all lovely. It was fun and for the first time I did not feel so stressed with paint, Ami enjoyed it and although the toilet rolls when all mushy and we ran out of paper she was doing it for ages.

Pants just played in his last game of his season, they won 14 matches out of 14 and scored a impressive 105 goals, although Pants has felt a little crushed by sitting on the bench it will hopefully help him to be more disciplined. He likes to have fun and finds it hard to sit still so as he gets older I hope it improves. The team did really well, really well for 7/8 year olds. My husband I think has been enjoying 2 football games on a Saturday.

Little bear is finally starting to talk, he can now say birbees and bath along with mummy and daddy. My first two were such chatterboxes and they speak alot for him so its nice to see him say words. Ami got so excited as she understood what she said, she is so good at encouraging when shes not beating him up.
Yes we made a dragon also
So this is some highlights from us at the moment, life has been busy fitting in work and childcare me and my husband are often passing ships.

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  1. This looks like a lot of fun and I like the dragon. #WeekendBlogHop