Thursday 19 February 2015

Little Bear you are 15 months

Little bear you are 15 months time is surely passing by.
You seem very much our baby but it's strange 
as this was the age Ami became a big sister to you.
You are growing up fast though and understanding lots too.

You have finally overcome your fear of water and enjoy bath times. 
You even love it when Ami pours a cup of water over your head.
Bundling anybody who is on the floor is your favorite game also hitting people and anything too. 
You are starting to understand a lot more also and starting to have little routines that you like to follow, like getting biscuits for you and Ami.

You say a few words and your favourite one being bir bee. Every time you see a bird you sequel and jump up and down in excitement.
You also love to say poo poo and point to your nappy so proud that you can understand.
Daddy is often called mum mum which I find hilarious. 
You babble a lot when you dont have your dummy in.

You have lots of teeth having cut all your molars recently and did not kick up much fuss at all.
Your face is changing and even the way you walk is so different.
gone is your little unsteady waddle you now run at full pelt everywhere.
You are really good on your feet and love the freedom of being out of the pushchair. 

You eat really well and love crunchy nut cereal. 
You use a spoon and fork with ease and you even eat soup (at nursery I do not have the guts at home)
You love cuddles with mummy and daddy and give the best open mouth sloppy kisses. 
You sleep with your muzzy and would take it everywhere if you could. 
If we cant find a muzzy you are happy with one of Pants striped tops.

So Happy 15 months Little Bear
You are going into such a fun lad. 
Even though time is flying by I am really enjoying you being a toddler
trying to cherish every moment, take lots of pictures 
and snuggle that little chubby body of yours.

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  1. What a lovely post. Very cute photos, it made me want to give him a big cuddle! He sounds like an amazing little boy.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)