Monday 9 February 2015

eFRAME Picture Frame Review

There is one thing I love and that's taking photos, they can be off anything I am forever trying to get better at my technique. As much as I love taking them I love looking at photos, I often waste tons of time looking at photos new and old. So when we got offered a review of a wonderful frame from eFRAME I could not wait for it to come. You see as nice as photos can be in canvas prints they do not beat a framed picture. The way they hang as flat almost like its part of the wall.

The thing about eFRAME is that you can customise any size frame, so if you have a photo that can not be stretched it is perfect for that. eFRAME stock a large selection of frames. There is different options to chose there is ready made frames, which if your like me and have no clue then this is a good option. Another service is their print and frame option where your frame will be delivered with a print of your choice, and lastly they sell a custom frame, where you can choose your own size frame.

The design process is the easy, you choose the size (and there is popular sizes too if your not good with sizes like me). You can chose the frame weather it be wood or aluminium or even one from their own collection. I went for a black frame with a white border, the effect of the photo against the white wall is almost as if the picture is just against the wall. The great thing about my frame is that as its rather large 45cm by 65cm that their is no glass weighing the frame down, the front of it is made out of perspex. 

The only issue I had was I did get a little confused using the website, I think I was rather excited to get a frame I clicked the wrong thing by mistake, so when it came I was surprised as it had no photo. I had not checked my order in the email confirmation (rookie mistake). Other than that the website was easy to use, I like that you can choose any size and it did not take too long. The only way it may take a long time if you are rather indecisive as there is alot of choice. I had in my mind the colours and the type of frame I was after, which I think helped cut the time down.  

The delivery was exceptionally quick especially as it was custom made, and the frame packaging well nothing was going to break that frame on delivery. Wrapped within another package and very secure. I could not fault the packaging. It did take some time getting into the package and a good pair of scissors.

I love our new frame, it looks perfect in our living room. People have been attracted to it as they come in and always comment on the standard of the frame. I shall use the service again as I love a good frame. The price of this frame £40 excluding VAT, you may be thinking a bit pricey but the quality is excellent. So why not check out the eFRAME website and start planning your print that you would like on your wall. 



  1. That is such a gorgeous frame and photo!
    Fab review x

  2. Lovely frame and photo. Special family memories. #triedtested

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