Wednesday 12 November 2014

Loving the small things: Life with three children

I feel like I am coming out of a tough year. When I found out I was pregnant with my third I was slightly full of dread, wondering how I would cope and would I go back to work were two of the biggest fears I had. I honestly was scared, scared of never sleeping again and the reality of it all. Then Little Bear came along and he was a tough birth but quick labour. I was really scared giving birth read the story here, but in the end remember feeling such love and a overwhelming sense of relief that here was here and our family was complete. 

Then Little bear came with his lack of sleep and being a very hungry baby I was shattered. Then having a toddler and older child some days just went into each other, most days me looking forward to 5:30 when my husband would be home, I would feel sad when he was running late as I some days could not get dinner ready as one of them needed me. Looking back this may seem a little silly but at the time it was a big thing, its something nobody explains to you those times when you are at a loss and feel so helpless. Two children under 2 both needing nappies changed both wanting my full attention, tiring thinking about it,

The months went on still no sleep but life becoming a little easier. Routines forming and I wasn't feeling so lost in seas of nappy changing, getting people dressed and bottles. There were tough days, the low days were hard. Admitting I felt like I was failing was hard I never accepted help and just carried on. Got through the tough days and when Little bear finally slept through the night I felt like a new woman. I had a little bit more energy for the day ahead. 

Those months how ever challenging have really made me appreciate times now, Life when I look at my three now and feel so blessed. The way they all look out for each other in there own ways, the way they argue and I know that having three children our life is so much more blessed. Now Little bear can walk he is so more happier to follow his siblings around. Try and do what ever they do and basically pick up anything they drop. 

Life with three children is hard work but alot of fun. Having the two youngest close together is starting to reap the benefits now as they start to play together. I love Life and I am more than blessed. I could hit pause and this would be good but things are only getting better. 


  1. I am scared of how tough things are going to be with three, but hopefully it will all be worth it when they get that bit bigger.

  2. You have such a gorgeous family, It must all be worth sleepless nights

  3. Your children are so beautiful and a credit to you. I have just the one so totally admire your stamina!


  4. I won't pretend that the first few months adjusting to having a third child weren't difficult - and in some respects 2.5 years later still are - but the positives far outweigh the negatives. Watching Kara grow and interact with her two older siblings is a reminder that (from our perspective at least) we did the right thing.