Friday 7 November 2014

Angel Delight - Bubblegum flavour yes bubblegum!

As a child I loved Angel Delight it was a pudding I could make on my own and was not too much fuss. Learning to use a measuring jug and mixing were skills I owe to many years of angel delight. I have not had it for years so now me being a grown up I was like argh bubble gum, surely this is wrong on lots of levels but the kids gave it a go!

We do not do alot of cooking mainly because our old kitchen was so small it was stressful but in our new house there is alot of room and this was out first little food item we have made. I say we Ami did all the whisking on her own. She even got her hands in there (I did not tell her brother and her hands were clean). It brought back lots of memories of childhood and me and my sisters. We pored it into the bowls and she waited outside the fridge till dinner then scoffed her dinner down in record time so she could eat it!

So after dinner it was time for pudding and an excited Ami got the puddings out and as a surprise I let them put sprinkles on the top. Pants went mad with the freedom and poured the whole lot all on his pudding but had a fab time all the same. I fed Little beat his little portion and had a try and actually was surprised as I usually hate bubblegum flavour but this was not too bad. The normal Angel delight was there with a slight taste of bubble gum. It was rather nice, my husband was upset as we had not made him a portion! I tild him he could make his own but he was not up for it.

They all loved the Angel delight and actually is a cheaper pudding to many others on the market for a larger family. They had a lovely time decorating the puddings and for them was a special treat, something different from the boring yogurts they have every night. For me it was like passing a love of Angel Delight down to my little ones.

 We shall be adding more angel delight in the shopping from now on. A simple pudding and alot of fun to be had. Ami enjoyed finishing of all the puddings and Daddy sulked because he did not get any. Check out the Angel Delight Facebook page too for more info on what to do with normal Angel Delight. 

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  1. I normally let me kids make desserts like this, though for some reason they let me get on with it this time. Unusual flavour though, bubblegum. I think Butterscotch is still my favourite.

  2. I am pleased it brought back memories and loved your photos. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part