Tuesday 4 November 2014

Heinz 10 month baby food Review - using a spoon

When feeding babies one of the most important things to expect is mess. I heard somewhere (could be radio, a patient at work or my mum) that the more mess babies make the better eaters they become. So with all that I am being a bit more laid back about baby food everywhere, whilst I am I have to tell my husband to calm down and not to be poised with baby wipes ready to clean up the littlest of messes.

We have been trying out some of Heinz 10 month baby food which is perfect for Little Bears age. He is at the stage where he loves texture but odd bits he spits out and chucks it on the floor!  Thankfully he is not really a fussy child so trying out the different flavours and textures were no issue
Here was the flavours we were sent to try all which have been polished off with my help and not.

Here was the flavours we were sent to try all which have been polished off with my help and not.

  • Chicken and Veg Hot pot
  • Cheesy Veggie Spaghetti 
  • Creamy Chicken Korma
  • Fruity chicken and Rice
  • Beef tomatoes and Mash

He loved them all especially the pasta and rice based ones and the great thing they contain one of your 5 a day meaning you are building towards that healthy goal. His favorite of all was the curry, maybe because when I was pregnant with him I love curry, you never know. The jars have been perfect for busy days and nights where my husband has the kids its less pressure for him. I was rather impressed as I usually use pouches rather than the jars.  I could keep some in the fridge when he finished and there was no spillages after being rattled round in my bag.

The most important thing was how much he loved the curry, he got his hands in the bowl as he could not eat it quick enough. I just left him too it with his spoon and I was surprised how much he ate on his own. I attempted to help him but he batted me off he is nearly one and obviously too cool for his mum to feed him now. 

This is what Heinz Says about its food - 

"We carefully choose all our ingredients and recipes to provide your little one with lots of essential goodness, and we only use the finest baby-grade ingredients in our delicious jars. Baby-grade foods need to be completely traceable and meet far stricter guidelines than adult foods, even organic. So we grow them on one of our specially chosen farms, in suitable soil that’s away from potential contamination from pesticides, pollution and nitrates.

Because quality is important to us we follow a rigorous process when making all our jars. Meat, fish, vegetables and fruit are thoroughly tested to make sure they’re safe for your little one. Then we steam-cook our meals to lock in all the precious nutrients. And because they’re steam-cooked and sealed in a jar, there’s no need for preservatives. We run no less than ten checks throughout the cooking and packing process. Finally we make another four checks on taste and texture before it goes out the door.

We also pay a lot of attention to textures – from pureed to mashed to chunky – tailoring the right consistencies for your baby’s stage to support their development, not only for growing, but for speech development too." (Heinz Baby Website)

There is plenty more advice on there website too with weaning advice and all the products they do so well worth a check out., 

We have enjoyed trying out different foods (I say we I did not try any) and it has helped when we have been busy to know that Little bear is getting a nutritious dinner. He has of course loved eating with a spoon and getting dinner everywhere but it has been fun and messy, but lots of smiles and learning makes it worthwhile. 

Disclaimer: We were sent some jars as part of Heinz mum ambassador program,  all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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  1. Max always used to love the Heinz jars too, there seem to be a lot of flavours in the range. Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  2. Yum! He looks like he is really enjoying his food....So adorable x

  3. Thanks for the review, I will try this on my baby soon.