Saturday 29 November 2014

Oobicoo Doll Review

My toddler Ami absolutely loves getting her self dressed, she also loves getting her baby's dressed and undressed and loves looking after things in her own way. We have been Reviewing the Oobicoo Doll which is just perfect for Ami. The Oobicoo Doll came with the name Orla but has been renamed to Natalie (mainly because it looks like our friend who wears her hair like it). Natalie has been a big hit although it has not made it over the into the cot threshold with Unicorn, Piggy, Snowman, Doggy and cat but she is coming close.

What Is a Oobicoo Doll you ask?

If you are the type that loves Green toys and products that are environmentally friendly then you will love this, They are made off 100% recycled materials even the lining, it is really an earth friendly toy. Not just that the doll is stitched by hand making everyone unique. They come as the size of a 6 month baby meaning you can reuse all those favorite outfits that are put into storage or in our case missing (boo think hubby took them to the charity shop). Unlike other dolls where you have to buy more outfits you can just reuse all those old baby clothes. If your not already convinced some of the money from each sale goes towards immunology charity fund helping children up and down the UK, how great is that.

Ami has loved Natalie Doll and has loved getting her undressed, she has been learning about little buttons and poppers all skills to help her hand eye co ordiniation. She has fed her in little tea parties out her to sleep and even pushed her around in the pushchair. Little Bear has tried to get involved but trys to cuddle Natalie Doll then pull her hair out which makes Ami cross. Even Ami's friends have loved the Oobicoo doll not letting her go.

These lovely dolls retail at £29.99 which for the size of it and the quality is very reasonable. They come in different styles so check out the website for more info. This would make a lovely gift for any toddler this Christmas.


  1. What a great idea for a doll, and brilliant that you can re-use some much loved baby clothes. It sound perfect for teaching young children about dressing, caring and looking after themselves.

  2. I can see this being the next must have doll. Popping by from Tried & Tested

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