Friday 21 November 2014

Life is Crazy but good

This photo sums up our life at the moment.

Its crazy but its good.

Some weeks I feel like Im chasing everything or that I am behind on what I should be doing, other weeks there is no place I would rather be.

I love being busy, I love doing nothing I am never happy in the middle. I am all over the place and scatty but that is me, I am like that in real life and especially on this blog (sorry to my readers). I sat there with a blank screen and my fingers itched to type. My brain links things up in weird ways often a ramble but I like a good ramble.

I digress life is good, where I am now I never thought I would get or even used to think I deserved. Married, 3 kids steady job but I am here. I am blessed with an amazingly patient husband who puts up with me and 3 children who tolerate me (jokes course they love me). Life is good we have enough most months and have been blessed alot through our Church community.

Ok life is not perfect were not the brady bunch and we do not always get on. I may hoover up lego and loom bands  and miss out on important school dates. My hubby may forget where he put something and we may have peppa pig on far too much but they are small in comparison. My family are my life and they are rather awesome.

Sometimes we just need to stop and look and say actually I have it rather good. I could be somewhere full off poverty, in a area rife with Ebola and my little issues are nothing. I sure am Blessed and I continue to count these little blessings.

PS: Sorry if your reading this and it may feel disjointed my dyslexic brain just works like this.


  1. Hi from the Weekend Blog Hop!

    You've summed up my life pretty well here ;) and it is a good think I like Peppa Pig; she's on a lot in my house too!!

  2. Aww love this! We do need to stop and think more about how good our lives are :) #sundayroundup

  3. It's important to take the time to stop and remember how good things are. Too easy to get caught up in the moment. Thanks for linking up with #sundaystars

  4. I feel like you do - A LOT!! My mind is all over the place and life is hectic with twins, however like you I am so thankful. Things could be so different. Your family look super! Thanks for linking up to #sundaystars

  5. Ah how lovely, it's so important to be and feel grateful! Fab post! #SundayStars xx

  6. I think it's very easy when we are running around like headless chickens, that what we have is quite simply awesome! We've just had the best weekend together and it just makes you remember that whatever else is happening, this is all that really matters :) #sundayroundup

  7. When you look at how unfortunate others are it certainly does make you grateful and appreciate the little things x #sundayroundup

  8. Lovely post, definitely great to appreciate the good things amongst all the chaos #sundayroundup

  9. I have been trying to think like this recently, be thankful for the lovely small things and the 'larger' worries seem to get smaller. A lovely post x