Wednesday 12 November 2014

Midweek Chill

Our weeks have become so busy, what with me working and the kids at nursery at school I really look forward to my days off. Especially my Wednesdays. I am starting to be less knackered from working and see it as a day with me and my babies. My eldest is at after school club so there is no rush to do anything.

I have started to enjoy these days even more mainly because I have started to not feel so guilty about not doing much. Also not beating myself up if we are not dressed by midday or Peppa pig has been on too much. There is a million and one things left but we still sit on the floor and have a little play. Also just doing home stuff I enjoy it, makes me want the best of both worlds. Torn between the freedom of work and the enjoyment of being at home. I suppose I do have best of both and I am very blessed.

To an outsider these days may seem a little dull, or maybe not that stimulating for the kids but me and the babies just enjoy being together. I hate starting work before they get up and coming home when they are fast asleep its great to have some us time. No rushing anywhere just us and lots of cuddles.

They will only stay small for a short period and before I know they will be going to school and I will have that time on my own, but until then we shall do our nothing days and our not get dressed till lunchtime days. Life is a hurry sometimes its good to take a step back and try to enjoy the time.


  1. It's all about the little moments and how we enjoy them, and I am sure if it was a parent outsider looking at you they would appreciate the calmness! Nice post!

  2. Ah, we all need days like those now and then. Mondays are my slow days and at the moment its just me and Elsie and I love it. No more Sunday night feeling! x x

  3. Those little moments are the most precious and it sounds like you really do have the perfect work/home balance! Go you! How cute is that photo too though! CUTE! x

  4. ahh bless you I just wrote about this myself about how I want to learn to stop more and just be with the kids. "chill" out with them more as it goes so fast. I absolutely adore the photo. bless. Too cute. Hope you are ready for the holidays. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme