Sunday 30 November 2014

Me and Mine - November

I really love getting our Me and Mine photo each month, this months has to be my ultimate favourites. I just love this shelter it has lots of memories from when we lived in Westgate. I love that you can see the coast just behind us, I just love it. Also one of the photos has Ami smiling at the camera which never happens. Everyone complains beforehand but we do enjoy being a bit silly and its great when it produces good results. 

We have had a busy month we are still trying to get the right work life balance and making sure we spend time as a family which is very hard at times. With Christmas coming we will spend more time together I really do love it I have 6 days off over Christmas I can not wait.  

So here is this months photos. 

dear beautiful


  1. Oh they're gorgeous photos - and such a stunning backdrop - you all look so happy together :)

  2. These are fabulous! I love those shelters, they have them near my Granny's holiday home in Southbourne and bring back such lovely memories. Yes, treasure that time off at Christmas, what a lovely set of photos. Thank you so much for joining in with Me and Mine xx