Friday 28 November 2014

Little Bears 1st Birthday

The time came to celebrate my youngest son's first birthday. Its a happy yet sad day, you spend to whole year wondering where the time has gone and wondering how your baby who you feel only yesterday was born is now one. I really can not believe how quickly the time has gone its just been snatched away from me and now I have a 1 year old. 

He had a lovely day we spent the morning when he woke opening his little presents, well we say he opened them Ami opened most of them but Little Bear did not mind he was just happy to play with the paper. Pants went of to school and we set up for a little tea party for all Little Bears little friends. The house was soon full of toddlers and cake. Spilt drinks, trodden in party rings all that jazz but Little Bear loved it all. 

Later on when they all went we got Pants from school and family came round and 2 of little Bears older cousins. They were with my three noisier than all the toddlers put together. Little Bear loved all his presents and loved the most the plastic colourful ones (we had got him wooden toys which he was not fussed with). We had cake and by this time it was bed time. A rather simple first birthday but busy all the same. Now my baby is one and I have a 8, 2 and 1 year old it sounds crazy in my head. I bet before I know it I will be writing 2 year old birthday story. 

Here are some photos of the day, not all great quality I am not good at getting photos when doing things! 


  1. You're so right! My lg turned one on Wednesday and I still can't believe it haha. I love the chalk board idea xx

  2. Oh what an absolute cutie - Happy Birthday Little Bear!! Sounds like a hectic but brilliant day :) hope this next year slows down a bit :) #sundayroundup

  3. Aww I think that sounds like a lovely birthday for your Little Bear, surrounded by his friends and family, perfect :-) Love the idea of the things about him on the board by the way, that's a really good idea! And my littly (also 1) has that bus, she looooves it! (But we did take the batteries out teehee) x

  4. Happy birthday little bear! Looks like a fab time was had - what an absolute cutie! You are completely right about the next birthday, I swear Zach only turned 2 last week but it's already been 2 months! #sundayroundup

  5. Aww lovely post, looks like he had a fab birthday!! I really like the chalk board with all of the info on, such a great idea! :) glad he had a great birthday, its amazing how fast the time goes isn't it? Xx #Sundayroundup