Monday 23 June 2014

Me and you - June

Some days are lovely, some days are a battle but most days I feel so darn blessed that I married such an awesome person. Every month I seem to write a little poem, slushy love story but that's only because I appreciate everything he does for us. I do not tell him enough and I am quick to point out his faults, but I am trying to do less. Trying to point out the positives and less the negatives.In a day an age where marriage is not something of great importance I strive to try harder. I see old couples been together decades and I want that. I love to see the little looks, the old jokes and the feeling of complete adoration for the one you love. Also the stories of the couples that when one passes the other does of a broken heart. So another month down the line here we are me and my man, being silly just the two of us.

This one he kept on pulling my top down for a laugh? Such a joker

Just after this photo a man fell out a truck before us, he was fine it was hilarious!

We have joined up to the Me and You linky join by clicking on the badge below or just to see the other pictures of all the lovely couples that take part.
dear beautiful


  1. Lovely photos - I know what you mean about having to try to point out the positives - it can be so easy sometimes to focus on the negatives. Being silly together is always good though!

  2. Ah I love your photos! Silly memories like this are lovely to have. Sometimes you can easily get stuck in a rut of being grumpy and not moaning at everything.

  3. Lovely photos! I love that you can see how much fun you had taking them. I'm a sucker for an old couple, it always makes me well up when I see them out and about together and I think about how hard they must have worked to stay together. I'm such a sappy romantic x #meandyou