Wednesday 18 June 2014

F is for Friendship

It has always been a love hate relationship with these two, being cousins and with being 8 months apart they have spent the last 8 years chasing, hitting, arguing and playing together. They love to spend time together and constantly argue. Me and my sister have been waiting for a time where the arguing isn't so much and they just get on, as they are getting older they are getting a bit more chilled out. They will be in the same school again from September with Pants moving to junior school so they will see a lot more of each other then and hopefully the craziness when they haven't seen each other will subside (one hopes). 


  1. Awww my cousins are my friends too! I wish that my son can have a friendship like this =) #alphabetphoto

  2. Must be a wonderful relationship, something I never had myself. Monkey's cousins are all grown up so not the same thing at all #alphabetphoto

  3. How lovely to have a cousin so close in age x #alphabetphoto

  4. One of mine is close in age to a cousin. Very relieved that they are not in the same school year. Hoping that they will appreciate each other more one day. #AlphabetPhoto

    1. yes it has helped them otherwise they would have been really clingy!

  5. Oh that's just lovely, really nice they are so similar in age. I'm sure it will be peace and harmony when they're a little bigger. Lovely photo, thank you so much for sharing with #alphabetphoto