Wednesday 4 June 2014

Ami your 22 months

 My little girl is 22 months 
only two months until you are 2
you are such a blessing and bring us such joy
you may mess the place up and draw on the walls 
you know how to make us smile and laugh 
and make us forget what mischief you've been up too

you talk alot more and have become such a mimic
you love to sing and love to copy dance moves
your latest being copying girls on Frozen as you call them
you also love instuments and mummy lost you at church
and found you playing on the drums

you love colouring and drawing 
the walls, your body and any surface has been your canvas 
you also love looking after your baby dolls
you have learnt to pretend play and give everyone 
your little sweets and hot teas so very cute

you still eat well but have recently said to alot of foods
"I dont like it" even if you do like it 
Your best friend is N bear who you sing about all the time 
although when you get together you cause mischief  

I can not believe you are nearly 
when I started this blog you were only small and now look at you
so big and clever 
We love yo lots and lots 


  1. Always ready to smile for the cams =) #sharewithme

  2. Lovely post and gorgeous photos. She's a real cutie :) #sharewithme

  3. Lucas & Grace says - Fab photos. We hope you become a member of the GL Gang as we think you're awesome xx #sharewithme

  4. Such cuties! Love the photo on the trampoline!
    x x