Monday 30 June 2014

Me and Mine - June

I love my little family and I love this time of year. 
Nothing more makes me happy than nipping to the beach after school
and getting home for dinner time. 
Sand covering the carpet, 
kids falling asleep with smiles from the adventures had. 

This months Me and Mine photo was taken on a stone beach in Kingsdown,
We were camping on a weekend away. 
One of our friends took the photo not knowing how to use the camera 
said he took loads but there was only one but I like it all the same. 
It sure is hard work to get everyone to look the right way!

It was hard to get everyone together with my husband busy doing stuff 
and Pants off playing somewhere, but I am glad we managed to get a picture. 
Six months down the line of taking monthly family photos and I am so glad I joined in. 
It has been great seeing the development of my little family as they are changing in a blink of an eye. Not every photo is perfect but that doesn't matter this is us being us our little family. 

dear beautiful


  1. Lovely natural photo - agree with you that it can be very difficult to get a photo where everyone is looking at the camera!

  2. This is a beautiful natural capture. I know the pain of getting everyone to look at the camera so you have my sympathies! I also agree there is nothing better than a day spent at the beach followed by sand which just manages to get absolutely everywhere! #meandmine

  3. Yay! Half way to a year now. I love this photo (as I do all photos taken at the beach!) and how relaxed you all are. I've long ago given up on getting photos of us all looking, I just don't think it's meant to happen with little ones. x

  4. Love family photo, this is my first link up and I love how you have described it, being able to look back over the picture capturing how they have changed. #MeandMine

  5. If you only got one photo then you did really well, it is great! Hope you had a great time camping x

  6. With a whole beach to explore I think your major achievement was getting everyone in the frame! I'm rapidly coming to the conclusion that they won't all look in the same direction, or even smile, until we're a lot lot older!

  7. A lovely photo, and like everyone else has said, it's a great achievement getting everyone in one photo, it really doesn't matter that you aren't all looking at the camera!

  8. Lovely and I think that it's perfect you not all looking at the camera - makes it more natural.

  9. Your children are certainly growing up! Beautiful photo x