Wednesday 30 April 2014

Me and Mine - April

This month has been a busy month with daddy being away for a few weeks, 
finding time to take our me and mine photo has been a bit difficult. 
Even though we were away we were to busy to take a photo.
So we thought why not take one as we are.
Us as a family of five, us being us. 

Our life is sometimes so busy but its nice to be together.
We sometimes don't do it enough weekends can be overtaken 
with football and church and before we know its Monday again, 
and Pants is at school Daddy at work. 

This month has been different with daddy being away we have realised how much
we all much in together and we missed him lots. 
All the children had a sickness bug whilst he was away and a couple of nights
were spent up with one of the three comforting them whilst they were ill. 

So here we are, not the most exciting of photos no sand in sight will try harder next month. 

Why not join in or see all the other lovely family portriats click on the link below to find out more. 

dear beautiful


  1. Great happy photo of your family :) brilliant! I like the last one where everyone is looking too, good work! x

  2. I love these beautiful family pictures and hope you're all feeling better now :) #LivingArrows

  3. No need to try harder next month at all, these are lovely and so natural.

  4. It's so hard when husbands are away especially if they're poorly. Love these photos x

    1. thanks yeah especially as it was all three puking all over the place!

  5. These are lovely photos I think, they show you having fun as you say, just as you are. I think this is the first month we haven't just taken a last minute selfie!

    1. ha I wanted to get a blossom picture but never got round to it!

  6. Aw they are lovely photos and capture the moment perfectly. Sorry to hear about the sickness bug. I've had that before whilst Matt was away and it was a nightmare!