Saturday 3 May 2014

Toddler gang

There is alot in the news about gang crime and the effects of gangs on the community. There is some little gangs that have been going un noticed, well little ones you have been exposed It has come to my conclusion that toddlers are in fact in little gangs. Well mine is in fact I am not so sure what the benefits are for her but they join together at toddler groups and plan what destruction they are going to cause.

The other day Ami's toddler friend NB came round and they enjoyed fighting over who sat on the keyboard stall or who gets to push the pushchair, just to fool us that they were just normal toddlers, but then they disappeared. Both me and my friend enjoyed a little peace but then wondered where they were? They were in fact on top of my eldest sons cabin bed eating his Easter eggs the monkeys. We then realised they were up to something and decided to watch them more closely. Next thing I knew they had disappeared and Ami had found a pen and drawn all over the wall and bathroom door and got NB with the toilet brush (I think she was putting her tag on the wall) . If this isnt proof that they are joining together to cause mayhem then I do not know what is.

Then the other day at said toddler group I saw Ami bossing NB around making him follow her. Maybe Ami is the leader, she is rather bossy. The other week I found her and another little toddler friend playing with the PA not letting the cd play at the toddler group I think they were putting there own music on (Ive heard toddler rap/ grime is popular in these gangs). The thing is they end up distracting us parents by being super cute then we forget what little monkeys they can be.

Even at NB's birthday party a little band was formed playing music (inflicting pain on parents ear on  purpose) Although they come together and are hilarious if not cheeky, I do find this age so so funny and love to watch her to see what they is up to. This time next year there will be two toddlers running around, two lots of pen marks, food stains knocked over drinks to clean up. Its going to be fun.

So I suggest watch out for those toddler gangs they may be hanging at a park near you.


  1. It's amazing how easily they gang up together, isn't it? My daughter doesn't just gang up with other toddlers, she's quick to latch on to the coat-tails of her two older brothers' friends too, happy to get stuck in and join the mayhem there too. Never mind that she's two and our oldest and his friends are six ... #weekendbloghop

  2. So funny and actually probably more trouble than a teenage gang on some levels. Those toddlers have no self-control! Love it. Great post. #pocolo