Friday 1 August 2014

Real All Bran 5 day challenge

I don't know if you are anything like me and struggle to even eat 5 pieces of fruit and veg a day, let alone enough fibre. So I signed up to the 5 a day challenge where you monitor your intake of food and how your tummy feels, also offering some different recipes to try to increase intake of high fibre foods. By the end I felt alot less bloated and actually enjoying eating better range of foods that I knew was better for my gut. 

We as a family had these cereals and enjoyed them all, they do not taste all carboardy like some cereals do. Even my toddler ate them and she doesn't usually eat cereal. My personal favorite was the golden crunch and sadly that was the first to go out of the three. Its great eating breakfast every day often I am so busy by the time ive sorted the kids and lunches and everything else its time for me to leave  and I have to grab something like a few biscuits or something equally unhealthy.

The 5 day challenge had been great for us and enjoying adding fresh smoothies and muffins to our diets have been a lovely change to the normal breakfast routine. Also helping fight of those hunger pains I usually get before lunch meaning I eat less snacky foods.

Why not give it a go your self.

“This post is an entry for the Real Mums of All-Bran Linky Challenge, sponsored by Kelloggs

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