Wednesday 27 August 2014

P is for Peter Penguin. - Alphabet photo challenge

Sadly as my son gets older his need for Peter has somewhat diminished. That little penguin that he took everywhere often ends up in Ami's cot. It makes me aware that my eldest Pants has grown up far too quickly. Its not cool to take a stuffed penguin to football, or on holiday. Poor Peter he has traveled well going to Denmark, France and even the Olympics. It makes me feel a little sad and make me cling on to the little ones hoping they do not get old far too quickly.

So here he is the penguin we all love.

Peter Penguin


  1. Wow your Penguin traveled far and wide! Bittersweet moment to see less of him no? But hes got lovely memories tho =) #alphabetphoto

  2. Sounds like peter has had some amazing adventures, my son had a penguine he took everywhere too he even had his first professional photo took with him now his 6 penguin is played with by his little sister lol #alphabetproject

  3. Oh that's such a lovely post. Peter Penguin seems to have had a great time. I'm sure if you wanted to continue carrying him around you could do?! Great post, thanks for sharing with #alphabetphoto

  4. It is always sad when they give up toys but even though they pretend the toy is still treasured. A well traveled penguin