Thursday 28 August 2014

Going back to work

The count down is on. I will be back to work in a few weeks ok four weeks to be exact. Am I a bit scared... YES! Well not scared more like a someone who works in a responsible job then has 2 years off then goes back to the expectation that I know what I am doing kind of scared. A few months ago I was happy to give it all up and become a stay at home mum but as I get nearer to going back I am getting a bit happier.

The babies who will be going to nursery for a bit the rest with dad so I know they will be ok. It does make me a bit sad to see Little Bear going to nursery he will be 10 months and will look far too small. he is such a mummy's boy (a major mummy's boy cries and crawls after me everytime I leave the room or a foot away from him). Ami I know she will be fine she is so head strong she will have them round her finger in no time. Also my eldest I haven't a clue whats going to happen with him after school clubs and all that jazz I suppose.

So now its time to get my head in gear, try and force two years of baby mambo jambo out of this brain and become that professional lady thats hiding well in my brain. The one who gets a lunch break and has a wee in peace, oh the joys of being a working mum.

I am looking forward to finding me again in the new working roll, will be an adventure so many positives and so many negatives hopefully will find the right balance in it all.

If you have any tips for going back to work please share!


  1. I've gone back twice now (although I'm off again right now) and to be truly honest the first few weeks were really hard. What makes it easier is having a really good project to get your teeth into, and having confidence in your childcare. Both times I've been completely secure in the knowledge that the girls were having a whale of a time and doing things that economies of scale mean they would never do at home, and that helped. That and being really organised the night before!

  2. I really wish I could share some tips. It's hard putting them in nursery at first. I just had MM first day today. I was emotional and she looked far too small to do it. But I had to to give her social playing time while I worked from home one day a week. Not the same as going to work but it's hard to leave them but they do brilliantly and it's SO good for them as much as it is for youl You will do amazing. Lovely post too hun. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me I hope to see you again tomorrow for another great round! #sharewithme