Friday 8 August 2014

Crisis in Iraq - Saddened by news

Usually I write about positive things, I love to write about my family and the adventures that we get up to but tonight something has struck a chord and left me felling broken hearted and sad. I try to avoid issues on the world I do not want to get involved in a debate I just want to make a change. I for one avoid watching the news it makes me feel down but I have been captured by the recent goings on in Iraq.

Tears roll down my cheeks as I read about families being murdered for being Christians, children beheaded and stuck on poles. Families forced to flee to avoid being killed for what they believe in. It is so so wrong! People even forced to say God is not real then get killed, people in desperation, people in need. People living in terror and it saddens me alot! Alot to write about it on my little family blog. Not because I am a Christian but because I am a human and nobody deserves to be killed for this. Nobody. Its not just Christians other religions too being killed, its tragic.

What can we do?

This has left me thinking, Iam stuck in a warm house no immediate threat, got access to alot of good things and often partial to a moan about rubbish. I need to do something, I can not sit back, I can not let evil win (and it wont EVER ). We have our own problems but they are small in compassion really sometimes. My worry about moving and going back to work is nothing compared to the fear and tragedy going on in Iraq. So here is a few things that you can do.

Its hard to think how we can help, I would love to fly out there and help but what can I do? Go up to a man with a gun and say do not kill my friends in Christ thanks. No that would end up bad I bet, but donating to charity's working on the ground spreading aid to those fleeing there homes.

Putting on the pressure to the Government by signing petitions is one way of helping, here is one for the UK. I am not sure how successful these things are but I can not sit round when news brings me to tears. I just can't.

Keep it on Social Media and raising the profile about it. That is how I found out about what is going on share stories petitions etc, we want to see this ended (Well I do at least)

The last you may not have a faith, weather you do or not I believe this is inhumane. So if you do Pray, pray that the violence stops and that some peace comes. I do believe that prayer can change things, it has done in my own life.

So lets not sit by and let this stuff happen, let us be the change.


  1. Well done Sara for using your voice, every mention, blog post and petition signature do make a real difference. Mich x

  2. I have to admit to watching the news and wondering what on earth my new baby is being born into :(

  3. well done for writing about this. You are so right about prayer changing things. xxx